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Hey there,

Cindy and I took a day off, about a week ago. You know, lunch and a little shopping. We saw some really fun and exciting ideas for new projects! We visited boutiques and then headed to the mall. I tried on some clothes…some good, some not so good. Oh, then I saw this skirt…loved it! I was feeling rich that day, so I brought the skirt home. I tried it on several times…I liked the way it looked.

Wait!!! What was I thinking??? The skirt cost me muchos dolares. So, when reality set in (reality being…I’m not rich!) I headed to the thrift store and found a plain black sweater, changed the buttons from boring black to sparkly rhinestone buttons, bought a length of rayon fabric, a pattern (of course, McCall’s) and whipped together a new skirt. Totally loved it!

Next day, still feeling inspired, I went to “the stash” and grabbed fabric for another skirt, made this one even faster than the first. Then, I got another sweater from the back of my closet, outfit number two! And then to make things even better…you know all those clearance sales this time of year, well, I picked up a pair of black patent leather shoes for $2.50. Yes, you read that correctly I said $2.50. So, at that price I had to bring home the metallic faux snake skin pair as well for only $2.50. O.k., I had two new outfits for under $45.00!! Including the shoes!!! You know where the original skirt is going? You guessed it..right back to the store! Cha-Ching in my pocket.

All the stores are showing skirts for the next season. There are a lot of very pretty skirt patterns in the pattern books, take a look. Or, I really liked how McCall’s pattern #5591 fit and looked. It went together easily and worked well with different types of fabrics.

So, come on girl, show those legs…make a couple of new skirts for spring!

‘Till next time,


  1. I think the last skirt I bought was two years ago – and it’s not like I haven’t looked!

    Sewing your own skirt means:

    - it’s always the right length

    - you can endlessly tweak a basic pattern, and have a wardrobe full of different styles

    - you can use up those bargain remnants of gorgeous expensive fabric, as a straight short skirt takes very little fabric (and looks sooo posh)

    - you can line it or put pockets in, whatever suits your lifestyle

    - less fitting issues than sewing pants, and lots less fabric (so cheaper to make!).

  2. I enjoyed reading your “shopping” episode. I am getting ready to have my 9-year-old granddaughter stay for a month. We will be going through the basics of garment construction, with a skirt and easy slacks. (She is 9) As she lives on the East Coast and I am in Middle Tennessee, we don’t have much time together. She will go home with her first “I made it myself” wardrobe.


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