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TGIF Gifts Contest::Our Third Gift and Winner Announced!

DIYStyle TGIF Gifts Contest

It’s time for us to reveal our TGIF Gifts lucky winner of the Dual Duty XP thread pack. Congrats to Kati, your present will be on it’s way to you pronto! And thanks for leaving us that nice comment about DIYStyle :)

Our next TGIF Gift is not one…………but two gifts!! Allyce is gifting a copy of her very own My Style, My Place book. It’s full of super easy fashion and home dec projects (kinda like we do on DIYStyle!!), just in time for your to create your own gifts for the holidays. AND…….we’re adding a full set of DIYStyle patterns (Lingerie, Coats, Dress and Tops) as the bonus gift! Yes, 4 patterns and the book. What a treat for one lucky Creative Chick.

My Style, My Place cover 


M5651  M5662

M5705  M5714

Be sure to leave us your thoughts about what you want to see on DIYStyle on this blog as your contest entry. We love hearing what sewing techniques you need to learn, and what kinds of projects you would like to see on our vodcasts. So, get writing…… could be our next winner!



  1. how about a segment on repair? like patches, holes, fraying seams, busted straps, or maybe even basic sewing machine repair?

  2. i would love to see ideas on combining patterns….a sleeve from this pattern, the bodice from that pattern….to create new looks. also, how to get those RTW details with our home sewing machines and supplies available at the local fabric store

  3. This looks like a great collection.

  4. I forgot to said I would like to see how to mix knit and crochet with fabric. You can consider this as my enter and the other post as just a comment if you want.

  5. I would love to see something for winter wear. Like a ear-muff, cape, or maybe even a scarf made out of old scraps of fabric.

    I just watched the video about stitching around a centered zipper.It was so helpful.

  6. I just joined and I love your site… I’d love to see a segment one using older furs and reuse them into something very DIY Style.

  7. How about some tips on sewing and fitting lingerie? Love your site!

  8. I would like to see something on a more constructed type of outerwear. Jackets in fleece or maybe sweatshirt type? Make them easy – with zip front, etc?

  9. I love your pod/vod cast. Would love to see more on altering clothing and remaking pieces. Also interested in how to adapt your patterns to fit plus sizes.

  10. Would love to see more basic techniques like the recent centered zipper vodcast. I wouldn’t mind seeing just a little bit more detail in the instruction as well… Thanks for a great site and vodcast ladies!

  11. I love to learn any tips and techniques to make my garments look more professional – zipper insertion, bound buttonholes being too that spring to mind. As for projects – I love handbags and purses so more of those please!!

  12. I would like to see an easy way to make more formal things like maybe a cocktail dress or a prom gown (I’m making mine for my senior prom in May!!). I would also like to see just basic going over certain techniques–like finishing without a serger. Great site! I’m in LOVEEE =]!

  13. I’d love to see something related to fabrics. I often struggle with knowing what types of fabrics would suit a pattern or clothing style. You ladies do a fabulous job! I visit the site religiously! Thanks


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