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Lights, Camera, Action!

Do you ever find yourself questioning your designs, whether it be color choice, pattern or style??? Wow, I do all the time! You know just looking at something straight on never seems to give me the “true” look of the project. So, what I use to do was stand in front of the bathroom mirror, hold the design up and try to decide if I thought it was worthy. That helped…somehow it gave me a view that seemed removed from the project. But it didn’t always give me the help I needed…especially if no one is around for a second opinion.

Now, what I have found, is that I “audition” my designs with pictures. I use my digital camera and shoot photos of the project. Like last night, I was working on a quilt and needed to decide the borders and whether to use rick rack or not. So, I photograph the quilt with a green border only, a green border and black rick rack and a green border, rick rack and a second black border. Then I sat at the computer and auditioned the photos. There is something about seeing the project on the screen that makes a huge difference. I selected the green/rickrack/black borders. Not, what I thought when first just looking at the project. And guess what, I am extremely pleased with the outcome!!!

You know I wish I had some great explanation as to why this works…it just does. And, it works every time! So, try it out next time your not too sure about some aspect of your project…see what a difference the camera can make.

And, hey it is January, no big holiday celebrations taking place, so get sewing and enjoy!!


  1. This is a great tip! I use it when choosing buttons for a garment or will even photograph myself wearing a half-sewn garment to see if it’s working before I move onto the next step. Somehow its just easier to “see” your project in the photo rather than in real life!

  2. I agree, it is like some sort of mind game, but it really works. It has saved me a few times, when I was sure of what a project needed and then at the last minute changed, like you suggest with buttons. It is a little crazy!!!


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