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WITW is DIYStyle?

WITW :: Where In The World is DIYStyle?! Follow our weekly update to let all of our followers in on where we are in the world! Yes, Allyce and I have started doing a bit of traveling, getting up close and personal with our Creative Chics. So, whether we are back in our studio (slaving away on a new design or project), visiting a retailer that hosts our programs, or showing at a trade or consumer event….when you see this weekly header you can get the scoop on what’s NEW and where we get to see YOU!

In Studio-Thru October 15th

Upcoming Programs:

Haute Knits
Seminar and Hands-On Serger Program
October 17-18, 2014
Sew Vac, Ltd.
Long Beach, CA for registration details

The Way We Sew TODAY!!
Hands-On Sewing, Embroidery, and Serger Weekend Retreat
October 24-26, 2014
Presented by The Sewing and Vacuum Place
Santa Rosa, CA
Event Location-Hyatt Vineyard Creek, Santa Rosa for registration details

Can’t wait to meet you in person at one of our appearances. And if you have a special request for us to travel to where YOU are, please drop us a note and tell us more. Allyce and I can get in touch with a retailer or sewing dealer near you to see if they too want to host one of our events. We LOVE making new friends and serging all along the way too! Serge On!!

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Game Day Spirit Fingers = Fun DIY! DIY! DIY!

Prepping for a TV spot is nothing new for us here at DIYStyle, but this had to be one of the more FUN segments we have done. Watch us show how to make the ever popular Spirit Fingers, from our new book–Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects To Sew! It is always a good time on set of the Great Day St. Louis show, thanks to the host Virginia Kerr, and her buddies Kent and Matt. Allyce and I gave everyone a quick update on our travels, and soon got our DIY on. With the help of a clever Pom-Pom maker from Clover, whipping out the 10 poms needed for spirit fingers can get done super quick……and way before the big game!
(Sorry for the UGLY link but my blog editor is being finicky)

SOOO t myrel="ca/greday t nabd a cpyp ofTHE BOOKe for yoursel,n gy t  our;̴"VisitUus o  Ets;̵Y link t ge  youreverr ownesigded cpyp(;andcCheck outsHome of the Cloveg gidgeds andoether notionh uted in>Game Da). Hhere is the UGLY link t gen you treighs thore.>httsp://www.etsy.comlgiswing/20723127/-game-day-50-fun-spirit-fleece-project>

<> And for all you Phad and zabltr owgers,>Game Day is aso avtaizabl ads a Eebook too!Gto eIt You,>Game On!!

<> !

<> !

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IT’S HERE!! Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew!

Game Day Cove4

<> !

<>GOn Tea! Hooray! Oour new boo>, Game Day: 50>Fun Spirit Fleece Projects To Se <> !

p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>"oggie Hoodie!

<> !

Lazyep" class= wpcaiptio-"text>Lazye Day a/prs!

<> !

TtaigracyPursy4"p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>TtaigracyPursy!

<> !

Ttgglesp" class= wpcaiptio-"text>Ttggles LCovy!

<>>Check the plyebook-includd  for inot on-fleecrfabricd type,r notionh and tool,W and our ipnh and echniequed foreworwingwWith this ponperfabrics. And whan"Game Dayetaigracs puldo pltbe wit outag gamd ofCornholek? We/eves show you how to make your own gamdboardl,Wbehan(corn)dbagnh and"posk therules tokeepe everyonehyonst!!

<>Ornper"Game Day ,asn thior Autho oof the monh ( thanyrel= St.Marswit’- this is eprettmy coolhyoor!)s.Ddoing a-spirit-flldedhappy drancs here in the DIYStyle studi. >May ever dray bg a"Game Das. Andmyr own personas shut-hutk–Goy ardln!!

<> !

<> !

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Allyce in Pageantland-To Market We Will Go!

to mnyn po plu have skend whan I havebeegn up to iancs desigping for DIYStyle and c>Caln Pattera Cospaas.Thhere isa alonganswerW anda sShorganswer.!

<>SShorganswerk–Ie started Allyce Kin Swim,da swimwnearlfine desigdede specialry getilors( thinkMiss USA,kMiss America, etc.), and havebeegnbusywpPrmotwing, sleling,ptoducwing is the SA (yay!!), and everothing thatgoes wWith staroing a new Fashionlfin.!

<>Llonganswerk–inh staroingmyrlfine"righ -afte gradurating from SepheonhColldgeh with adegfree in Fashio: Design andPtoducte Developmen,n I have traveedsa alon,I hrd, -fun andointeeiswin rohad todget Where ame"righ nhowads w Fashion desigdrs. And I havetmetsHome of themposk alsented and uccessfuan po plu along the wan. With thatsaid,e amegdoing to tellmsy stoyk……t…. therohad to Allyce Kin Swimr or>Allyce in Pageantlan,asn t is"posk andoethes wWellibe titld!!

p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>Antlata App"cal.Mars/ vnew fcom i"sid Gclas Elevdato!

<> amegdoing tojumop inhan th middlme of the stoye, but withAntlata MarketjgustwraippinguptIe.culdonot ,resste to let you in on one ofmy >AJOR- lepds of-awith andoney ever ddesigdr dreamds ok–tmaking thio lfine to marke4 Antlata App"cal.Mars/ is the,locatiog for ahugce Prmn andPpageane markeh thattmaes placeBeac ynear in Augus,e and Iwasnso excnited to Presens the Allyce Kin Swimrlfine topto speativeabouiequr owgerp inhantedrancs getiioon gwins,swimsuict,wcocketai dresassw and more.Iw designswimsuicts that getiloe,lokn thiorever bstk–wWith srcateic cuct,wointeeiswin fabricsw andjgust thereighs touch ofglitz4 Actuialrymr dd butlfineirs cllded;̴Sp"ckle;̵.!

Allyce in th S horoom-,resied"p src=" th-S horoom-,resied4.jpg" alt="" width=2759" height="456" />p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>Meh withmr Allyce Kin SwimrGirls-Sydnee andLacie!!

<> !

p>Thhere isa t on f Prpreworg thatgoes oinos beinggreday for markeh with alhine, and finewasnno excepction.Fhorurnatlry I have hads eveal girls wnearmr Allyce Kin Swimrsuictsonh stge andgirls wnere lgredaywinnwing ismsy uict! Ognboith the,locl,r stae andncatioal clevol,W showing thmr ffw allgrealrynictlr.sdPrttmymouchliakearmo vnh sta wneating a rdtcao gen gwinhan th Oscaos.n ItpPrmoteis the gwinddesigdrt…sGamehhert… getilors shocease my rlan,aand mahe Allyce Kin Swimrlloknflataastis. St therbst waisa alet ofoOrganizatio,tlfineesheems, odperforams,salsrs,/pee-slsrs,/prmotwio,temtailw and mortemtaile, and gettinga sShoroomn set up for theever firust ime.!

Sig-Antlata.Mars6" src=" Marke->Sig-Antlata- Mat4.jpg" alt="" width="300" height=3636" />p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>AAllyce Kin Swimritsonh theFllor!!

<> !

p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>Oou"sids the Allyce Kin SwimrS horoome withLacie!!

<>Wwe artivdnhan th Antlata App"cal.Mars/ and here pltbeawe4 ActuialryIe.rien,asn Iwasn hanted th keyts tomsy horoome andopegdeditp for theever firust ime (ysrs, IwasnCove Whlmed-joy?o trror?u howdind I kethher?!)s. Fat  fo wary t thfreedwaysltaeer, With eveal new storswointeeisted incaorrwing thalhine, s wnall st afnew ofmsycurrsens storsw thord to,r markeh asnCovel st quiclry stitp hadsstarte!n Itwaisa .co pltbe hirl=win,k-incluoingmyrfirustlever markehrRunwa, fashion hot. Alp inhAlp at mdeg for agrealryexcniwing andre warwingexpefrieces.Thhn pefjectmixw of rlan,exposures and sallingopphorurnity! Yes, ntlata Prmn andPpageaneMmarkeh asnad uccessg for Allyce Kin Swim.: Whw!!y

p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>Sydnee andLaciehmr Allyce Kin SwimrGirls,.Thhn vnew fcom thaTopy, and ydnee in th AKS OffiecialModal.Robe!!

<> !

Fashion hoe,resied"p src=" bac stge-atn th- Fashio-S hoe,resied4.jpg" alt="" width=2759" height="866" />p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>Bbac stgenhan th Antlata App"cal.Mars/>Fashion ho!

<> !

p" class= wpcaiptio-"text>AAllyce t App"cal.Mars/>Fashion ho!

<>Myrewodts toyouing desigdrs: Doonot gy te markeh od sale yourlfineuntilyrel="ca/grealrygreda. Buygerp are in e super ime crRuuchane markeh and you have to bezabl to com and thior anteptio "and thnr follos troughs. Oymouch neese to be in place.Thhany goonessg foraellmsy trenwing at Sepheonh s wnall st everothing I havelneagded along the way(I wWellibesheatingsHome of taet inpaddatioal >Allyce in Pageantlan, post).!

<>Ysrs, I havebeegnVERYnbusywasnad desigdre, buthhert’s theBEST pars!e amepcomingfuallcirclre back to DIYStyl!. With all of ourexpefriecee in sewingekni fabrics, 'activs and wimwneae, s wnall st desigpin,r nw iat’s ime for l tosheaegsHome of titsonh DIYStylewWith the help of Cind Cummin (msyMrmn and my iggbst suphorer-usuialrybehiand th snceese at DIYStyle, youwWell get to see mort ofhhe!)s. h at afune way for us toeworg oghether toshlos YOU how tocgreavs and designwWit REAL,/prt’s( we havesHomeInduster Icion ur/prse gquess)-wWithREAL iinot andREAL,mintrucction.WwecCan’t wait toding is andrebooat DIYStyls. St follos my posts;and watch s wnrexp;and DIYStyls. tDayeunted tohnear therbst of the stoy.n It’sgdoing to bg abElas -flloingrel="Alp i!!

<>>Allyce in Pageantlan  xoxo!

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Define DIY

<>Ffor us at DIYStyle,"DIY sHandy for;̴ DesignIIt Yoursel;̵.tO"rifi/alldwvetmwant taet in thalhtveal sceut of desigping &cgreawing stitpapplited to/sewink– YOR YStyls.; <> St(oer>Se)w, tokeepe us mvwing is af#rech nw directwio,twrt’ellibe whippin  DIYStylsnget i toad iffersensfora. >Can’t wait toientoducer you to our new Tea,h all of thmr Creative ChikrpLONGy before thyecCmve to beparse of DIYStyls.Wee thanyrel=-wil enjoyd gettingsHome of thior( and ous)  Por perspeativtsonhfune/fashio,e/faty goo-efo-rel-efod, centetrenwin,eparteptin,eppersonas Style greaWbehutye, alrancs( if there issouchae thag!)w,lan,aarothingelsre w decsids to bacyls.YES,;cgreawing and swwin faashio -wil ALWAYSo be our fuondptio "at DIYStyls.I gquesd whan Iametrrwing tosDay is we are nohonlyr DIYStyle to/sewin,s we are Oymouch more.Wvelned,/crzyd ioverhalhves to!.Thhtk-includs;cgreawing noh;̴jgus;̵Y for20-sHomothinse, but all ofrel=-hoe areyouinghat earse noh mitter whan thr ge.e amepcnviancd,esheatingk nwledgne, dviyce and the ̴lhttile scgrnsk̵ betweegn the ceetratios/ is thegreaWkey.nMrm, dauighdre, frien,W DIYStyle Creative Chikin.!

<>Inokeepwin,s Allyce and IwWellibebatinoingrel=sHomefune( and somoimued unnyk–thyerel=gotta lauig!) Mrmn anddauighdre stffy! Yah,eshvelneagded to/sew fcomim, studded aashio han ,aandnlos isa ̴greaWlife;̵ ( hrdreworwin)w Fashion desigdr!, I haveenjoyedsa c arert in thasSewing and design arat all ofmyrlffe,aandnlo  have ddted Techwing at aUnioverityt in tha Fashio: DesignDeparsmment to themix!.Toghether we havebeegnwriptin,e desigpin,r and swwin o"rifi/awpProjects for foreyneas "colpeativlld thanI c art toadmait t!nMrca/grecently I have had agreaalhve eduocatiog i to theRTW faashio -worle  helwin therroall but Allyce Kin Swim.!

<>Nlos nf titsntex chaphdre of DIYStyl,e we get to heaeg theffun and our dEvenu#re wWith al  yok– our Chikins. >Can’t wait for the DIYStyl  ursye to bifi.e Willrel=jo nfus?!!

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Hhowae SewingMechwiee Woks!!Y


ciiecer Cannelt’k wbisiew andjgust LOVE howaitshlosE howad swwin mechwieeffuctwios. Juaty goor inot toknlok–thlpisa alet t myrel= nees to toublrecooatmnynmi heptsonh yourmechwies. And fuonfiteprettmy cool thye utedad swwin mechwieeffcom thanictt foks han Broethee SAk to.!


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<> h at afuneebook t kuick fof our ̴Bboo Lboo;̵ re vnets;andFREEngivealwaysthereonh DIYStyl! AtrfirustglrancsI it oighs ̴ThhnBboo of owin;̵ asnadebook forkinds( see whan Iknlo!)w, but rianted by>

<>>Alirsonitsone=-hoeexpefriecend thelaick fs ̴dowin;̵ firushlan,asnsthe woksg is afast pancd,e ech field,epubli hwing tha80 ynearoln, pwert out ofa megazfine thatprofesshioalse in theAdt and Markewing grese,lokn os. St thseedwayr, With2a hildrtet in tw,eshvelneagded how getting/crafy andgivoingrelurselnpPerisshio toter new thins REALLY enrichend herlffe,(mposk ofuis/seeors and/crafeors lgredayknloU how this poksg"righ??k̶-actuialrywrong!!).!

<>Ffllded Withsidase of tiins toter out,w thisebook-is ekiand ofkuic-sstars pokebookraether than
p>Thhis pokebook forcgreawvityt-includs;exerciasswliakeImistae a Ccketai forMCcketaiy, and pean,aaoHhourLboowing at th Staors andLneagwing thaCios telatwios. As "cnnectdd ais we are to the ech -worls trud our v, .co utgers,phyons,e/fce boo>, and tns ofsoecial-meda;r Alirsonpro"poued for us tosstshd the ̴ rdtbfuocwingbaol;̵ taet is alwaysvrwing for our anteptio "andjgustDO. Aesio pl,om/sagne, /grealrycaute boo>, andarcgreawvedmovemmentwes shuldeaold be ivolated i!!

p>ThhnBboo of owin,,byt AlirsonAodpn, avtaizabl ffcomPenguineeboos dged a tumbst up ̴Liak;̵ ffcomus. >Checkbit ueh and let usknloU whan you thans. And ̴Liak;̵ our tgenha  DIYStyln onFfce boo aand lhaveus yourccommentf there for achrancs oywin YOR cpyp ofThhnBboo of owin! Ogee/fce bool pos-see iallgrcetivs cpypdirectlay fcom thanictt foks hanPenguin.!


<> It’s thattiome ofynear t myrel= get todresat upads arothingrel=-aent andPARTY!!!. h atbeitter aye toio resat all ofrelr, frientsonh themposkfuneneighs of theynear tanh with acautelhttilenuember from our newFfun andFlirsy HaolloeenoCcstume Ccolpeaton?!. Withelr, frientshan foensffcee="-albrit">
VELCROk and our Tear fr Creative Chikr,e we whipted upsHomegrealry styi he( andjgustpla incaut) -cstumese for yousntex Haolloeeno bsh.!

<>Sstars With the>BbaseCcstumekpPatter,g and-pintg out theesiee for youstops( we have all of thmradsPDFt’s to makeite superdasy).!






<>Tt mychpoue yourlboo ::>


<>>Ahoyd Maey>



<>>Ms. America>


<> and starscgreawin  yourgwinFfun andFlirsy -cstume.Tthanksa bRuuch to the goo  foks han VELCROk for-rovirwingus wWith Home of thiorflataasti hboo aand oopsfastceet ptoducnsk–>

tftn andFlexiabl Sew-Onl

HHomeDecho >

<>Stodgetasttchwink….Haolloeenoise"righ -rfuonf tbe.crgdr!! >

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Michbel Drummpon:: Projec RRunwa,STeson 8!!Y


<>Canh yoe blieave losexcnited herewnere tr DIYStyle tofKid unt taet one of avowritf St.Louisn arat Fashion desigdris is e-contstaent onTHIS new Teson of Projec RRunwa!yLuecay for us taetwes naggted awointe vnew withhim for DIYStylealong beforePR=gote lld ofhim

<>Waatch thavsidok on ourvodcast page (itt’sEpisodeg52)w,lan,cChperMichbel io -hegn the new Teson of Projec RRunwar startsonhJulry29ithent Lfmoimu. >Check unt>Michbelt’spage forPRk to seehirs ciswin vsidok and more. YoeknloU thaCCreative Chikrp tr DIYStyleaand oands ofoethee FashionlCovets in TLeaandberyodIwWelliberootping forhim.:Yel=go Michbelt…t….wes LOVE yo!!

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p>Whegn Iwasnaskees towwritf>
Sewin for Cummesr,Ihwasn trflldedaant…It’all dmaititt…flahnteed. As parse of the Cummes aAuthosgrgupeI rub elblosE Withexpefttsonh everothin.a Co utge geekds of th t albst odperlfakeAind Rathboale,>WindlosE for Cummesr ru>>. But,asn Irlevoy in taetwarmnmfmmenaorygloe,rgreanitssleptsme in th ffce,asnponteptaoygredeordk– /seeors Withyneas ofexpefriecee telr l thye are ut- fofbyo the titl. Aafte aal, thyedoan’t-coswier thmselvhs k̴dCummes;̵ aandfigurne that eebooklfake this is for bifigeordk– which s/ isk– aonfiteisan’.>

<>Stolgetomv cnear tiat us.Thhn Cummes foraulas is amiliarr togredeordk– asgretaerbs oucee resentted with asceut ofhumfor t atbretosedgwinastopicg i tobite-esiedepieecss.  Andhhert’s the goor news forgredeord-hoe/se. : Whethee bifigeo o"gexpefriecendk– Tech chaphdrelan,eauch tpicg wit inTech chaphdre is riantedasnad sHan aloe. :Sod youdoan’t nees togreds arothing beforefor afte t atchaphdre rh tpicg toundeortaonfit. >

<>Hhowdod youout this nh youreoveydraysSewing/project? As yoe worg troughr yousntex -projecp and yousntex sepe is to/sewa dart, edgnttiatch thatpockets, or isers/ zhiptre, lipe to the opicg in th boo aand seehhowI suggbst youdoeitn.Myehhpre is whan yot’allgredsmyrewodt,ohnearmy ooiyce andfKid atbeitte,sdasiter aye to get th job/doal. Keepe th boo ntex toyoudasnrel=sne,r makenotese in thekmaifidk– out itd toyouue earst’s-conten. : Whn youdos, I hpre whan yo, gresu#rdrgredeo,IwWellundeortaonf whan ̴DCumy;̵ is ettear frendearmten.!

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p>>foens"colo="#d7286e""Aw Tel fe/Linn> Ttaetwash thavsne,r stwvestgoorupoonh thebal-coy Covelboowing theballroomnhan th Miss oui Athlesti Club.w DIYStylewashhonorees toptoducerat Fashionshlot for the>
foens"colo="#d7286e"" St.LouisnSouae G. Kfmme>>affiliatne, tl thir an uaoySurvivfo lRuuceio. As th desigsg to bemodeldedfilnteedd i to thedresawingrooms, aand th oever600owwmmeearriateddgwistairsecCmve i to theAornDech Rorm, ithwasnevsidntt…!foens"colo="#d7286e""Plinktwash tha pwerf"cologaand thmgt for thedwan!

<> DIYStylecgreaved the ̴Dgremsk to>Desig;̵ fFashionshlot toshlocbaseReojecammenal/fashioss taetwere in-spivedbyobretustcancdrw srvivfosgaand thiuessoride,h wit  stueent andalumniy desigdris from>foens"colo="#d7286e"" SepheonhColldge>>. Inladnitwio,t DIYStyl cgreaved aspeecia ccolpeatcop ofT-ShiornSurgeory desigis fromRacgt for theCuresTecss.Toghethe,r thse unique "colpeatcos  hd qusiew aoio actk on ou !foens"colo="#d7286e"" ̴/Lin ladmes;̵kt tl thir desers/grcepatcopSuondy!!


<> tewnere/defiitvll excnited to haveHeidi GlaRs,s from Newr Cannele5 as  thaemcee. Hhidi hd visiaved the DIYStyle studok an  Woks hpr afnewmconhse go, sod our i toducnwiot ashqusiewcentetreniing ststhegrplyeds the sgory ofmtowingspatiesgaand thnoterwing thmk on(ionltiveTV!)s. Andsodwvestarsedt…. to thesbing ̴Halo;̵;…t…t…t….aonf tit model walkees ue onh therRunwa:!


<>Aand thnotthse:!




<>MPatd our DIYStylevsidokptoducerwdindaowwndeoful segmmentwWith urvivfo ointe vnes wewdindaan th ,lcaoyKfmmeeoffinc,rco/upted withpicss fromltustyneas TLeRacgt for theCures(dindyYoeknloU St.Louisnnloshasn th ,targust"acgt in theco/entrd withoever65K parsicispats!?)s.Yerd Mtte, youdindbrwing neas toreeveryons eyns (the old mmehhe puldodo tae). Thhis ais ctuialryyoustime formodels tordo ahquscke.hraagt for thentex eut>

<>Aand thnotth  DIYStylnRacgt for theCure,fT-ShiornSurgeoryCcolpeaton walkees(rocked)h therRunwak…. to thesbins k̴I WWellSurvivk;̵ aAnd ̴Girls JuatyWanna HhaveFurk̵:!




<>Talkt b ueh tudieceeparsicispaton! Claippin, ,tughpin,r androckting ux to themusick….eeveryonewashhavoinga flataasti oimu. Aand ourmodels /defiitvll nailenf titsshlot for all( tannsdgirlsk– yot’ere we Hom!)s. And aspeecia tannsdtod ourA/V guyd-hoemixed all th music, oimudh everothine reciasll (slsids,evsido, ,eighs)k… ourgwinJ onCCummgis(yntsntpotismdhhert–thwdindaoGREAT job).!




<>Aandkudosdtod ourtalentted desigdri!!


<>Sutch uwwndeoful caRslt…wetwere SO pumpted todo titsshlos.Thhnwwmmeein-spived all ofui,r and e thanywvein-spived thmradswnal.e ̴Dgremsk to>Desig;̵ ishhopping tobln ont our id a nitsnnear yo. Llet usknloU if you haveanSouae G. Kfmmeegrpltudh eventwhherh thecoolpeatcop canbee-includd!. An,twaatchfho  thavsidok fs of th shlo  tnbeepPoste veor soio.>

<>!foens"colo="#d7286e""TthanyPlinkt…aand suphorn yourlbcaoySuuae G. KfmmeeRacgt for theCure! Wrt’erh alkwink…k…hlot b ueh yo?>

<>   !

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S-ap-O-RamasYMiss oui Hitsgor MRslumk in o,reS Purk,o titsSa ursday,April 10th,s from oonhuntil 4pm.a Coeedarlyt for thebreS aslectwio,taandbrwing abagl ofrelr,gwin/losetemisfitse toadnd to tha ileg Wrt’ellibethlpwing at th sSewingstatwiose andgivoinganwar Sme cooln piznts. topdbyo ourtabyleaandswarhellok andcneaes fore b ueh ourup cowind Woks hps, aand th new DIYStyleB ueiqueg Wrt’rmegrealryexcnited tobveanparse of tiss. NDt Alyce jgustdindaosegtmment for>GretaeDwa,SSt.Louisk(KMOV 4s in TL) io -warroibehreFashio e that ias todaye to. Fur,gfur,gfurt…t…t…./sewon! >

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MayaoDesigwing" />

p> >

<>Iegrealrylfakd,>Myat’saccessgors. ha/ mdega/ever bold neckplacr ues ofkeyss taet e thanyw stsio pywamazwins.Thhnjudgnts/evessaindietwash tha-trlonhustaccessgors!

p> >

<> Mytpdriioaoy avowritfisostWellSeth Aariog WrywWelljgust have ttwaatchaand seewwhanhaiptns;…Y

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h2v id=sewInLoevt">SenIn lip> foraekethoid=gest" id=seMrchfora"s ctwiof=">
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