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TGIF Gifts :: New DIYStyle Contest!

DIYStyle TGIF Gifts Contest

We’ve been getting in lots of great crafty/sewing loot around the DIYStyle digs, and now seems like a good time to start giving it away! It’s our “TGIF Gifts” contest. So, give a sewing gift to yourself this season–you know you deserve it!

Here’s how it works:

> Every Friday we’ll post a new blog entry, announcing that week’s TGIF Gift.

> To enter, leave us a comment on that blog post, telling us a project, garment, or technique you’d like to see demonstrated on DIYStyle. We’d love to get a peek at your wish list!

> The following Thursday, a winner will be randomly chosen from the entries. We’ll post the winner’s name in a post that night (and drop the winner an email, too).

A new blog post with a new gift will go up each Friday until Christmas. That’s 5 chances to win.

Note: One blog comment per TGIF Gifts post, please.

Here’s today’s TGIF Gift goodie:

A copy of the BRAND NEW
Anna Maria Horner book “Seams to Me”!

Seams to Me

Anna did a wonderful interview with DIYStyle, be sure to catch the vodcast if you haven’t yet. This is a really cool book, chock full of great projects and full-size printed patterns.

OK, get those entries (comments) coming…and good luck!


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Fall Reading

The One HundredI just picked up a new book, perusing the shelves at my local Barnes & Noble, looking for something fashion minded and an easy read. Here’s what I ended up with…..”The One Hundred” is the new book by Nina Garcia, of Project Runway and Elle magazine fame. With the subtitle: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, I figured I had better get the scoop on what these pieces are, and see how many of them (if any!) I already had in my wardrobe. Even if you don’t read & take to heart Nina’s fashion insight and advice, just the illustrations alone from illustrator Ruben Toledo are entertaining and fun.

To my surprise (and relief) I did have a few of the must have’s on the list in my closet, but I am definitely lacking in several areas. I guess it is time for some revamping on my part, and a good excuse to do some Fall shopping. The Fashion 101 sidebars sprinkled throughout the book give you a bit of fashion history and industry background, tidbits that may help you out the next time you hit that fashion category at Trivia night.

Pretty soon it will be getting cold here, and curling up with a good light read like this one will be a welcome treat. And, be sure to check out the interview we did with Anna Maria Horner that we uploaded on Saturday. Her new book “Seams to Me” is a cute spin from her already super cute fabric line. Find it on the shelves this month, as it makes it’s debut. Congrats Anna….it’s fantastic!

Seams to Me


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