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DIYStyle Read::Sewing for Dummies

Sewing for Dummies cover

No, you don’t need to be a “dummy” to buy this book, or even a beginner sewer…..the simplicity of organization of hardcore info in this sewing handbook is what we all wish for when in a late night sewing pinch! Like me, you have probably perused several of the Dummies books, most of them pretty darn useful and written in a voice that I can understand. Sewing for Dummies is just that, from this easy-to-navigate category of books by Wiley. Written by industry veteran (and a long time friend) Jan Saunders-Maresh, this book is a must have for every level of sewist.

I love books that are an easy read, especially when I am grappling with a subject that is new or seemingly difficult to me.  Just check out the other Dummies books on my shelf…mostly internet and computer related. Jan has a knack for making the step by step instructions for everything from zippers to pockets, and piping to slipcovers as easy as pie, and fun to boot. Some of the included cartoons are so on target, and hit home. A lighter note when you are trying to figure out just how to get that particular technique down.

Sections in the book cover major sewing opportunities, including Fashion sewing (our fav of course!), Home Dec, Alterations, and the “trademark” top ten lists. Sewing for Dummies even has some handy charts included, perforated so you can keep with you as you hit the fabric store. Fabric conversions, sheet sizes and needle specs are included to take on the go.

Sewing for Dummies has become our go-to handbook at DIYStyle for all of our sewing questions, especially used in classes at the DIYStyle Workshop. Add it to your list of must have tools for your sewing room. It’s reassuring to have a good friend like Jan at your side even if it’s only in book form. Now, we just need to talk Wiley into staffing a midnight to 7am Sewing for Dummies call hotline for those of us that are truely sewing dummies (more like zombies) when we’re up sewing all night long! For now, the book will do….and very nicely I might add.

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Sewing DIY Gifts

Sewing Gifts-Pull thru Scarf

This year I made a pact to only give handmade (or at least semi-handmade) gifts this holiday season. I thought you might like to see my favorite to sew, and the one that everyone loved! Polar fleece is so soft, warm and in tons of fab colors and prints, and was perfect for this Pull thru Scarf. These are so simple that you can churn out several, even at the eleventh hour. And, they take very little fabric and supplies (only matching thread), so they are easy on the budget too….and we all need a little help there. I made these out of two coordinating colors and prints, but change them up as you like.

If you want directions for the fleece scarf just add your comment to this post, along with your email address. Let us know what you think about DIYStyle and we’ll send the easy instructions right out. If enough of you give the thumbs up, we’ll tape this for an upcoming DIYStyle episode!

Have a creative Happy New Year!

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Hey there,

Cindy and I took a day off, about a week ago. You know, lunch and a little shopping. We saw some really fun and exciting ideas for new projects! We visited boutiques and then headed to the mall. I tried on some clothes…some good, some not so good. Oh, then I saw this skirt…loved it! I was feeling rich that day, so I brought the skirt home. I tried it on several times…I liked the way it looked.

Wait!!! What was I thinking??? The skirt cost me muchos dolares. So, when reality set in (reality being…I’m not rich!) I headed to the thrift store and found a plain black sweater, changed the buttons from boring black to sparkly rhinestone buttons, bought a length of rayon fabric, a pattern (of course, McCall’s) and whipped together a new skirt. Totally loved it!

Next day, still feeling inspired, I went to “the stash” and grabbed fabric for another skirt, made this one even faster than the first. Then, I got another sweater from the back of my closet, outfit number two! And then to make things even better…you know all those clearance sales this time of year, well, I picked up a pair of black patent leather shoes for $2.50. Yes, you read that correctly I said $2.50. So, at that price I had to bring home the metallic faux snake skin pair as well for only $2.50. O.k., I had two new outfits for under $45.00!! Including the shoes!!! You know where the original skirt is going? You guessed it..right back to the store! Cha-Ching in my pocket.

All the stores are showing skirts for the next season. There are a lot of very pretty skirt patterns in the pattern books, take a look. Or, I really liked how McCall’s pattern #5591 fit and looked. It went together easily and worked well with different types of fabrics.

So, come on girl, show those legs…make a couple of new skirts for spring!

‘Till next time,

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