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DIYStyle Season #3: Starts Tuesday September 30th!

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Hi All!

I know several of you have asked about the next season of DIYStyle. Drumroll please…………we start upload tomorrow, and subsequent Tuesdays with DIYStyle Projects! AND, since the feedback on the summer Quick Takes was SEW (I couldn’t resist!) positive, we have decided to start delivering DIYStyle to you in smaller bites, 2x a week! So, each week you will get DIYStyle Tuesdays which will focus on a new fab project, and then on Saturday, you will get DIYStyle Weekend, and that will be a selection of sewing tips, exciting places and people we visit, designer interviews, and other surprises to get your weekend off to a creative start. 

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Even though September 30th marks the end of National Sewing Month……..we have only just begun to get you lots of inspiration and encouragement to keep on sewing and designing your own fashion. Our first project for the season is part of the Go Green! Sew Green! initiative that National Sewing Month encourages. A super cute purse fashioned from repurposed sweaters (a fall must-have) found at the local resale shop.

And, we have some blog treats in store for you too! Amy Butler has checked back in with DIYStyle after her incredibly busy summer (watch out Martha!!) with a scrapbook of photos and lots to tell. We’ll post that on Wednesday, and we’ll be having other “special guest” bloggers throught this new season.

Just a reminder to subsrcibe to the RSS feeds so that DIYStyle blogs and vodcasts always come straight to you, and if you check email, join as a Creative Chick to start receiving our DIYStyle news updates (more on that later).

It’s a fashion forward Fall ’08 with the help of your Creative Chicks team at DIYStyle.We’re excited for all the support and notes from our growing community………pass the word to all the other creative chicks in your life about DIYStyle, and let them in on the fun!


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