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Fast Fabric Frame
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Fast Fabric Frame

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 69


Brother Embroidery Machine
5” x 7” embroidery hoop
Variety of Sulky Rayon machine embroidery threads
Brother Embroidery Memory card SA367
Tear Away Machine Embroidery stabilizer (optional)
¼ yard of cotton fabric


This project will focus on learning to use the “Embroidery Edit” function of the Brother Embroidery machine. For in depth instructions on this feature consult the instruction manual that came with your embroidery capable sewing machine.

You will learn how to use the frame patterns that are built into the embroidery machine and import decorative designs from Brother Memory card SA367. Note: Not all embroidery machines have the embroidery edit feature. Check your machine manual for features of your machine. This technique will work for any embroidery frame motif. We have used Brother Memory Card SA367 for the frame pictured.

  1. Cut fabric in three equal piecess
  2. Place one piece of fabric in embroidery frame
  3. Select Embroidery Edit mode for your machine
  4. Insert Brother Memory Card SA367, select image 15, select the Set icon. Select image 16, select the Set icon.
  5. Return to the main selection screen.
  6. Select Frame icon, select square shape, select straight stitch.  Select the size icon, Edit size to fit.  (just to the edge of the flowers) Select the set icon.
  7. Select sewing.  Complete embroidery.
  8. When embroidery motif is complete, trim threads.  Lay second piece of fabric over fabric that remains in the hoop, right side down.  Use a neutral color thread for this next embroidery step. Embroider the square.
  9. Carefully remove hoop from embroidery arm (leave fabric in the hoop!). Trim fabric close to straight stitching, inside the square. Trim into corners & trim away bulk.
  10. With fabric still in hoop, turn fabric frame lining to the underside.  Carefully finger press fabrics to have seam edges lie flat (using an iron is optional.)
  11. Reattach hoop to embroidery arm.
  12. Install matching embroidery thread in bobbin and upper thread area. Slide third piece of fabric, right side up beneath embroidered fabric in hoop (this creates the back of the frame so the photo stays inside). Check to be sure that the fabric is positioned correctly so that all edges will be caught in final embroidery step. Continue to embroider scalloped edge. Note: You may want to stitch around this twice to give a nice covered edge.
  13. Remove hoop from embroidery arm & remove fabrics from hoop.  Trim close to scalloped edge.
  14. Insert favorite photo and enjoy!

For More Instructions: Fabric Frame, Brother USA

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