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iPod Pocket

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 27


This protective cover slips over your iPod or cell phone. Add decorations to make it your own with ribbon trim, decorative stitches, etc. Feel free to experiment with fabrics, but choose one that doesn't ravel for best results. Ours were made from polar fleece (which is washable without loosing its shape), available in a ton of colors.

Supplies Needed

  • Scraps of polar fleece or other non-raveling fabric
  • Scraps of ribbon, lace, beads & buttons for trim
  • Assorted colors of Sulky Rayon thread, for decorative stitching
  • Sulky Totally Stable, for decorative stitching


Measure the width and length of your iPod (or mobile phone, mp3 player, etc). Note the measurements. Add 1½" to each measurement. Cut 2 pieces from fabric.

For decorative stitching

  1. Cut a piece of Totally Stable iron-on stabilizer larger than the cover piece.
  2. Iron the stabilizer onto the back cover piece.
  3. Set sewing machine w/ decorative stitch using Sulky Rayon Embroidery thread.
  4. Draw stitch lines for guide. Stitch rows as desired, changing thread colors and stitches.
  5. Tear away stabilizer.
  6. Stitch around 3 edges, ½" from edges. Pivot at the corners. Backstitch.
  7. Trim seams to ¼".

For decorative trim

  1. Cut trims to appropriate length for cover. Use transparent tape to hold trims in place. Use a straight stitch or zig-zag to secure in place.
  2. Stitch around 3 sides (sides and bottom), ½" from edges. Pivot at the corners. Backstitch.
  3. Trim seams to ¼".

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