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DIY Sewing Accessories: Sewing Roll-Up

Supplies Needed

  • 1/2” yard cotton print
  • 1/2” yard cotton print or solid for lining
  • 1/4” yard mesh fabric
  • 1/2” yard cotton quilt batting
  • 1  7” zipper
  • 2  9” zippers (choose bright colors!) 
  • 1 Large button
  • 1 Small elastic hair tie to use as button closure
  • Matching sewing thread


  1. From each cotton print, lining, and quilt batting, cut one 12" x 25” rectangle.
  2. From mesh, cut one rectangle 5” x 8” and two rectangles 6 ½” x 10”.



  1. Place 7” zipper on top of the smaller mesh rectangle at least ½ down from top to form pocket, pin and top stitch in place, along sides of zipper tape. Cut mesh under zipper for opening of the pocket. Apply the 9" zippers to the two larger mesh pockets in same manner.
  2. Fold lining into thirds and press. Use pressed lines as guides to place each of the pockets. Pin pockets in place and zig zag stitch around all edges of each pocket.
  3. Baste quilt batting around the edge to wrong side of printed fabric.
  4. Pin printed fabric to lining, right sides together and stitch (1/2” from edge), leaving a small opening. Trim corners, and turn right side out.
  5. Press edges carefully and top stitch around outside edge and on each pressed line under the pockets to secure the layers together.
  6. Fold closed into thirds and hand stitch hair tie where the edge meets the middle. Sew button on the edge to finish closing.

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