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Switch It Up Trim
Switch It Up Trim
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Switch It Up Trim

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 76


  • Tote
  • Large oval Yo-Yo maker by Clover
  • Scrap fabrics for yo-yo’s
  • 9” of VELCRO ® Brand Fabric Fusion hook and loop fastener
  • Buttons or large flat beads for yo-yo trim
  • Fabric glue
  • 7” each of two decorative ribbons
  • 6” of beaded fringe
  • Matching Dual Duty XP thread


Oval Medallions

  1. Cut piece from fabric scrap slightly larger than the oval yo-yo maker. Snap fabric into yo-yo maker, find center back of fabric, mark center then remove from the frame.
  2. Cut a 1” piece from the hook (rough) side of the VELCRO ® brand Fabric Fusion hook and loop fastener. Apply to the center back of the yo-yo fabric piece. Fuse following manufacturer directions (tip: use high heat, steam and a press cloth!).
  3. Snap fabric piece back into yo-yo maker, keeping the VELCRO ® on the back of the yo-yo. Complete the yo-yo following the instructions included with the yo-yo maker.
  4. Place a button in the center on the right side of the yo-yo. Glue in place with fabric glue, let dry.
  5. Repeat to make three oval medallions.

Beaded Band

  1. Place both of the ribbon pieces side by side lengthwise, overlapping just slightly. Zig-zag to secure both pieces together, forming one long piece.
  2. Attach beaded fringe on lower edge of ribbon band, tucking the fringe edge under ribbon band. Zig-zag to secure.
  3. Press under ½” on each raw end of the band. Use a 6” piece of the hook (rough) side of the VELCRO ® brand Fabric Fusion hook and loop fastener. Apply to the wrong side of the band. Fuse following manufacturer directions.

Applying to Tote:

Find center of tote, and measure 2” from top edge of tote. Center a 6” piece from the loop (soft) side of the VELCRO ® brand Fabric Fusion hook and loop fastener. Apply, centering on tote.  Fuse following manufacturer directions.
Place either the Beaded Band or the three Oval Medallions onto the tote, securing with the hook and loop fastener.  Now you can switch up your trims with these or any other styles you may dream up!


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