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Fun and Flirty Halloween-Ahoy Matey

Ahoy Matey!! Fun and Flirty Halloween by DIYStyle and VELCRO

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Fun and Flirty Halloween-Ahoy Matey

presented by DIYStyle and VELCRO

Ahoy Matey!!

White broadcloth for top bodice and sleeves, ½ yard
Black broadcloth for top midriff, ½ yards
Red broadcloth for skirt, 1 ½ yards
Black tulle netting for underskirt, yards
Black broadcloth for underskirt, ½ yard
Grommets and grommet tool
3/4" non-roll elastic, 2 yards
Gold cord for lace
VELCRO ® Fabric Fusion brand hook and loop fastener, 5/8 yard white
1 sheet white fun foam
1 sheet black fun foam
VELCRO ® brand mask kit-base, or craft store mask base
VELCRO® brand hook and loop fasteners, Sticky BackTM squares, white
Sequins by the yard, 2 yards black
Glitter, black, red, silver, white
Craft glue

Pirate Top:

· Cut upper bodice piece from white broadcloth, lower bodice pieces from black broadcloth.

Follow basic top instructions, but before stitching lower center front bodice and lower side front bodice pieces, create this tab insert:

· Cut 2,  4" x 6" pieces from black fabric

· Fold each piece in half lengthwise and stitch ½" seam at each end. Trim corners and turn right side out, press.

· Insert each tab piece between center front and side bodice pieces, matching raw edges, placing finished edge of tab ½" below upper raw edge of lower bodice piece.

· Punch 5 grommets at equal distance down each length of tab piece.

Continue creating top following basic top instructions, then place gold lace thru grommets and tie into bow. Apply VELCRO® Fabric Fusion hook and loop fastener to back for closure.

Pirate Sleeves

· Measure circumference of upper arm - Cut 4 pieces elastic 1" longer than upper arm measurement

· Cut 2 rectangle pieces from white fabric "double the upper arm circumference" x 12" (example if upper arm measures 11" then you will cut the sleeve pieces 22" x 12")


· Fold in half matching short ends together, stitch ½" seam.

· Press under 1/2" then  1½" on each edge of sleeve piece forming casing. Stitch close to casing edge, leaving an opening to insert elastic

· Stitch again, ¾" away from outside edge around each end of sleeve. This will create the ruffle edge when the elastic is inserted.

· Insert elastic into opening, overlap ends of elastic and stitch to secure.

· Stitch opening closed

Pirate Skirt & Underskirt:


· Cut skirt from red broadcloth. Cut tulle and broadcloth for underskirt.


Follow basic skirt instructions, and underskirt instructions. After completing skirt apply
VELCRO® Fabric Fusion hook and loop fastener for closure, then trim lower edge into ragged hem:

· Pin mark a line 5" above skirt hem

· Cut triangles of varying length, highest up to 5" line, to create jagged hem

Pirate Mask

· Trace pirate mask pattern on white foam then cut out.

· Glue strips of sequins on diagonal across length of mask. Glitter between diagonals.

· Cut eye patch from black foam, decorate eye patch with black glitter. Edge with black sequins, glue eye patch on mask

· Attach black sequins to create "string" for eye patch. Edge mask with sequins to finish.

· Apply VELCRO ® brand hook and loop fastener Sticky BackTM  squares, hook side to back of foam mask. Attach to VELCRO ® mask base, or craft store mask base.


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