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Reverse Applique Boxers

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 9
  • Supplies

  • 1 pair jersey knit men's boxers
  • 1/8 yard (or so) printed fabric with motif
  • Sharpie marker
  • Marking Pencil



  1. Select the motif for the fabric applique on the printed fabric. Cut out, leaving a generous 1" or so around the motif.
  2. Use the marking pencil to trace around motif, about 1/2" from the desired applique (this is the stitching line)
  3. Use the sharpie marker to trace over the stitching line, so that you can see the mark from the wrong side of the fabric. (Place fabric on paper to prevent bleed thru!)
  4. Pin applique in place on wrong side of fabric. Use scotch tape to hold in place for stitching.
  5. Use a straight stitch to secure appliqué to boxer shorts. We stitched ours a couple of times for a "rugged" look.
  6. Make small hole in upper side of fabric window. Cut out, close to stitching, about 1/4" away, exposing print fabric applique.

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