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Deconstructed Sweater Arm Warmers
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Deconstructed Sweater Arm Warmers

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 72


Supplies Needed:

Long Sleeved Sweater – with ribbing on neck or bottom of sweater

1/8 yard of Fusible knit interfacing

Matching Dual Duty XP Thread

½ yard of 1” wide elastic



Turn sweater inside out

Measure sleeve 13” from the cuff and mark on wrong side

Measure around arm, 1” down from elbow. This will be the length of your band.

Measure ribbing to be 2” wide using arm measurement (above) for length



 Cut interfacing into 1” strips. On wrong side, iron interfacing over sleeve marks and ribbing marks. Make sure the marks are still visible. This helps keep the sweater knit from unraveling.

 Cut both sleeves on marks, and two ribbing pieces (measurement determined above)

Cut elastic into 2 strips that are 1” shorter than arm measurement




  1. Fold ribbing, right sides together and matching short ends, stitch.
  2. Pin raw edges of sleeve piece and ribbing wrong sides together, stitch. Turn right side out.
  3. Fold ribbing over to right side so that it makes a band. Stitch close to the edge leaving a 1” opening for elastic. Thread the elastic into the band. Stitch elastic together. Stitch the opening closed.
  4. Measure down 2” from sleeve cuff. Use a seam ripper to carefully open a 1 ½ “ hole along each sleeve seam for your thumb. Reinforce the stitching on each side of the hole to prevent raveling.
  5. Done!


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