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Upcycled Bubble Skirt

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 33

Supplies Needed

  • Man’s long sleeve sweater (note: sweater should measure at least 18” from underarm to bottom of ribbing)
  • ½ yard of light weight jersey knit for lining
  • Baby Lock Grace sewing machine
  • Coats Dual Duty XP sewing thread
  • The KIT

How to Make It

  1. Cut bottom of sweater off, starting from underarm and continuing across to the opposite underarm. This will become the body of the skirt.
  2. Cut two strips, one from each sleeve, measuring 9” x 19” (this is for sizes 6-8, adjust the 19” measurement accordingly for a different size). These strips will become the band for the bottom of the skirt.
  3. Cut lining from the light weight knit, 11” x 38” (again, adjust the 38” measurement as needed)
  4. Try on the “skirt” to make sure the ribbing fits snuggly around the hips. If not, take in the appropriate amount from the side seams. Starting at the top edge, stitch downwards fading the stitching back into the side seam. Trim away the excess and check the fit.
  5. Next, sew gathering stitches along the bottom edge of the “skirt”.
  6. Working with the two strips for the band, sew the short ends together. Fold the band in half with wrong sides together, matching the raw edges. Baste the raw edges together.
  7. Pin the band to the bottom of the skirt. Right sides together, draw the gathering stitches in until the fullness of the skirt fits onto the band. Baste the two sections together.
  8. Next, prepare the lining by sewing the back seam.
  9. With right side of lining next to the skirt band, pin all the layers together, easing the lining when necessary. Stitch ½” seam through all layers.
  10. Fold the lining up towards the ribbing. Pin the lining to the bottom of the ribbing. With the right side of the skirt facing up, sew the lining to the skirt just below the ribbing, using a small zigzag stitch.
  11. Trim lining close to the stitching.
  12. Turn the skirt right side out. The lining will hold the band of the skirt up, forming a bubble effect at the lower edge of the skirt.

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