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Dyeing Fabric

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 10

Supplies Needed

Natural fiber fabric
Powder (or liquid) dye in color of choice
Plastic shower curtain
4 oz. plastic mixing bottle with a squirt top
Plastic gloves

How To Do It

  1. To Dye the Fabric: Use the rinse cycle of the washing machine to prepare the fabric for dyeing. Or, wet and wring the fabric in the sink.
  2. Lay the fabric flat on the plastic shower curtain. Wearing plastic gloves, prepare the dye by pouring powder dye packet (or use liquid dye) into the plastic bottle, fill the bottle with water and shake well.
  3. Before dyeing fabric with dye, test the color on a scrap of the same fabric. Add more water if the color is too intense.
  4. On the bottom third of fabric, squirt two-thirds of the dye until the entire section is saturated, allowing one-third of the dye to remain in the bottle.
  5. Refill the bottle with water and shake to mix. Squirt two-thirds of this dye mixture onto the middle third of the fabric.
  6. Refill the bottle with water (again!) and shake to mix. Squirt the remaining dye onto the upper one third of fabric.
  7. Allow the fabric to set for about an hour, and then roll the fabric from the side edge to the other side edge. Keeping the dark color rolling onto itself and the light color rolling onto itself.
  8. Hang over a sink faucet to set color and drip dry for 8 hours.
  9. To Set the Dye: Prepare 3 gallons of water with 1 cup of salt, dip the fabric into the salt bath and allow to dry over the sink.

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