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Instant Halter Party Dress
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Instant Halter Party Dress

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 5

This halter goes together in a matter of minutes. Choose fabrics that are stretchy, and will not ravel when the edges are cut. There is only a neck and back seam--the edges are left unfinished. This is really sew and go!

Supplies Needed

  • 1 yard of stretch knit fabric (choose one with lycra for stretch and recovery)
  • Matching thread
  • Palmer/Pletsch Perfect Pattern Paper


  • Use pattern paper to transfer the pattern (included in the downloadable pdf file). Each square = 1 inch. Cut out pattern.


  • Place pattern on knit fabric, with center front on foldline. Use pattern weights to hold in place, or use pins in the seam allowance areas to prevent holes in fabric.


  1. Place halter right sides together, matching the neck seam and the center back seam. Pin in seam allowance.
  2. Set sewing machine for zig-zag stitch, or multi-step zig-zag, or use a serger to stitch the seams in this stretchy fabric. Stitch a 5/8" seam, taking care to match the edges exactly, backstitch to secure.
  3. Trim the seams close to the stitching and clip the threads.
  4. Turn halter right-side out and GO!!

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