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Lingerie Sewing Tips
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Lingerie Sewing Tips

Featuring McCall's Pattern 5651


  1. You'll find these instructions very helpful when sewing your own lingerie. Oh, and guess what, we have our own DIYStyle lingerie pattern out (small coincidence?) by McCall's. Check it out!
  2. Finish the inside and the outside of your bra top with the addition of fold-over elastic, an all in one finish.
  3. Take your time with this step. Divide the garment (perhaps the lower edge of the bra "band") into equal fourths. Next, cut the fold-over elastic according to the pattern piece for elastic. Divide the elastic into fourths as well.
  4. Be sure to taken the time to divide and conquer the elastic AND the bra top. Otherwise, this will lead to garment disaster (how devastating!) and uneven application of elastic.
  5. Now match the "fourth" division on the bra top to the "fourth" division of the elastic and pin.
  6. Ready to sew! Stretch the elastic to "fit" the bra top edge. Stitch with a zigzag stitch, catching both the front and the back of the elastic at the same time� ooh la la�so fine a finish.
  7. Another material for your bra top straps is ribbon or clear elastic. You'll need bra hardware, available from the fabric store, but then all you need to do is weave a 3/8" ribbon or same width clear elastic through the hardware and attach to the bra top. Clear elastic works really well for any garment, because it virtually disappears against the skin. And as far as ribbon�polka dots, double-sided colored ribbon, satin, or grosgrain works wonders to add a pop to your sassy little surprise! Have fun!

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