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Laid Back Lounge Pants

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 43

Supplies Needed

1 elastic waist pattern for pants
2 to 2 ½ yards of fabric for pajama pants
½ yards of fabric for pajama pant hem/cuff
Pattern paper
1 package of 1” wide soft elastic
¼ yard of ribbon or trim for pajama pant "ties"
All-purpose sewing thread
Water soluble marker
Pencil and Sharpie markers


  1. Lay out the pattern paper on a large surface.
  2. Cut out the pant pattern size you need. Lay the side seams overlapping, matching the seam allowances. Tape to hold. Lay pattern on pattern paper, and trace. You now have your one piece pattern piece. Cut pattern to desired length before adding contrast hem/cuff.
  3. For the contrast hem, on another piece of pattern paper, redraw the bottom 4” of the pant pattern. Add a seam allowance to the top edge of the contrast pattern piece and mark the bottom hem to be placed on the fold of the fabric.
  4. Pin the paper patterns to the fabrics for the pj’s and the contrast for the hem. Cut two of each pattern piece.


  1. Pin the inside leg seams, front to back, with right sides together, for both pant legs. Stitch the seams and press towards the back of each leg.
  2. Turn one leg section right side out and slip this leg into the other leg section, right sides facing. Match the front and back crotch seam, pin and stitch from front to back of the crotch. Re-stitch the seam for extra strength.
  3. Clean finish the top edge of the pj’s. Fold and press the top edge of the pj’s over 1 ¼” to form the casing.
  4. Pin and stitch the casing for the elastic, leave an opening in the back for elastic insertion. Measure, cut and insert elastic into the casing. Secure the elastic and stitch the remainder of the casing closed.
  5. Insert the ribbon into the waist through the buttonholes in the front of the waist; allow enough to tie a bow.
  6. Sew the contrast fabric for the cuffs along each side seam. Fold the cuff in half, wrong sides together, matching the raw edges.
  7. Pin the contrast hem to the right side of the pant leg bottoms, matching the raw edges of the fabric. Stitch right sides together. Press seam towards cuff.
  8. Turn up cuff and press. Stitch to tack in place on inside pant seam.

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