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NY Trench: In the Details
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NY Trench: In the Details

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 58

Note: Please refer to My Style, My Place for complete directions on restyling your trench coat (p. 17)

Here's how we did the EASY collar trim :

  1. Measure the top edge of the collar.
  2. Cut a piece of trim on bias (at a 45 degree angle to the grain). 2" wide and 2.5" longer than the collar width.
  3. Use the Clover 1” bias tape maker and follow the directions included to create your bias tape trim. (this part  is SO easy—slip the bias thru the tape maker and press as it comes out the other end….voila…instant bias trim)
  4. Pin the finished trim strip to the top collar edge, leaving an even amount of excess fabric on each end. Fold under the excess trim on each end. Stitch close to all edges of the trim, securing the trim to the collar.


And the EASY placket trim:

  1. Cut 2 additional pieces of trim on bias that are 2" x the length of the placket (ours measured 12” x 2” for this trench) and using the Clover bias tape maker create bias tape trim. (see it IS easy isn't it?!)
  2. Fold down ½ in on the ends of the trim pieces so there are no visible raw edges. Pin, matching one end with the top collar piece and pin bias along the placket. Stitch down as above.


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