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Panty Party
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Panty Party

Featuring McCall's Pattern 5651


  1. Talk about outrageous (that would be the price of panties from Victoria Secret) but is there anything special about the underwear you buy in the shops? Not really. Making a pair of cute undies takes just a few minutes, a swatch of fabric, and a bit of stretch lace!
  2. So, grab your pattern (we happen to love McCall's 5651), scissors, cut, and sew. Double seams work well. Stitch the first line of stitching on the seam line. Repeat a row of stitching about 1/8 inch from the first row of stitching in the seam allowance. Now, trim closely to the second row of stitching to remove extra bulk.
  3. You're now ready to apply the stretch lace elastic. Cut the stretch lace elastic according to the appropriate pattern piece. Divide into fourths and mark with pins. Divide the panties into fourths, where the lace elastic is to be applied. Pin the lace to the panties at each of the "fourth" markings. The wrong side of the stretch lace elastic is applied to the right side ofthe panty fabric, layering the seam allowances over each other.
  4. Switch to a small zigzag stitch with a medium stitch length. Stitch near the edge of the stretch lace elastic, gently easing the panty fabric to "fit" the stretch lace elastic. From the inside of the panty, trim any "extra" panty fabric near the zigzag stitching line.
  5. So Vicky, what do you think of our fabulous little panties? (Dramatic pause) Nothing to say? Does that mean you're jealous that my bum can look so fine? I think I have a few more panties to make, so I've got to be going!

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