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Easy Poncho ::
It's a Wrap!

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 31

Supplies Needed

  • 5/8 yard Polar fleece or other drapeable fabric, 58”-60” wide
    Dual Duty XP sewing thread in coordinating color


  1. Cut rectangle shape from fabric, 20" x 54".
  2. Fold fabric piece right sides together, matching short edges.
  3. Sew the long straight edge together, start about 14" away from the fold, leaving a hole for the head. Sew all the way down to the end, backstitch.
  4. Turn poncho right side out and try it on. Trim the neckline area so it curves a little bit if necessary.

Fringe (Optional)

Using a small ruler and a marking tool, measure about 3" from lower edge. Clip into edge, evenly spacing your cuts to create a fringed edge.

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