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Ring Embellishments
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Ring Embellishments

Featuring McCall's Pattern 5662


Finding the perfect "ring" embellishment to make the straps of a knit top really POP can be a big challenge. But it's so worth it, because "hardware" is in, bigtime. So, how about some options to make finding the right ring a little easier?


  1. Start with a visit to the fabric store. There you'll find options such as belt buckles in plastics or metal, or even rhinestones! To make the buckles useable for a garment, get a pair of pliers and remove the center bar in each buckles (you'll need two for each shirt you make). The notch that is left behind will be covered by fabric.
  2. If you don't find anything in the "buckle department," try the crafts area. You'll find rings made from shells, wood, metal, and other materials. They may have been designed for purses or macrame plant holders, but repurpose them for this project, and they work like a charm! First make sure they are large enough to accommodate the straps of your knit top.
  3. Still searching? Check out the bead aisle. There you'll find some really cool "bead" rings in square, oval, and rectangular shapes. The best part: there are about a gazillion colors of these plastic formed rings. You're sure to find something great!
  4. Last resort, make your own. Find a package of large beads that match your fabric. Take about ten inches of beading wire, string 6 to 7 inches of beads onto the wire. Next, slip a bead crimp tube over both ends of the wire and hold tight to the beads. With a bead-crimping pliers, crimp the crimp tube. Trim the wires close the crimp tube. Repeat the process for the second ring. Now you have custom rings to make your top like none other out there!

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