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Sew Easy Clutch

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 45


2 placemats
1 magnetic closure (ours was from Clover)    
Water soluble pen
Tape measure
Pressing cloth
Buttonhole cutter
Matching Dual Duty XP thread and bobbin
Heat set crystals (optional)


  1. Lay one placemat on top of the other, lining up all the edges.
  2. Divide the top placemat, lengthwise into thirds and mark with the marking pen. (18")
  3. Holding the two placemats firmly, fold the edges up 6" to form the "pocket" of the clutch. Press the fold using a pressing cloth and iron.
  4. To mark the placement for one half of the magnetic closure, measure across the width of the clutch pocket and mark center, (6 ½"). Also, from the bottom fold of the clutch measure up 2 ¼" and mark.
  5. Remove the lining placemat and it set aside. Lay one half of the magnetic closure right over the marking on the placemat. Mark where the two prongs would go through the fabric on either side of the center marking.
  6. Using a buttonhole cutter carefully cut a very small slit on each of the prong markings.
  7. Insert the prongs through the placemat to the wrong side. Lay the backing of the magnetic closure over the prongs and fold the prongs to the center.
  8. Now, lay the lining placemat back on the other placemat and stitch across the end, near to where the closure was just set.
  9. Refold the pocket of the clutch back to the original 6" measurement. At the sewing machine stitch each side of the pocket. Stitching from the fold to the edge on each side and reverse stitch, reverse stitch, reverse stitch! There is a lot of pulling that will happen each time the clutch is open so be sure to secure both sides well.
  10. Next, fold the flap of the clutch over and mark the placement for the second half of the magnetic closure on the lining placemat. Making sure when the flap is folded over, about a figures width of room is left up under the top of the fold.
  11. Following the above mentioned instructions, secure the second half of the closure to the placemat (lining only) at the marking.
  12. You will notice that the placemats are not even at the top edge of the flap. That is ok and has happened due to the folding of the placemats together. Use this as a design element and allow it to stand out on the front of the flap! At the sewing machine, stitch across the top of the flap and then down each side of the flap.
  13. Add a few heat set crystals to the flap and you're done!

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