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"Looking So Hot" Cami

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 49


1 plain crew neck t-shirt, slightly loose fitting
Water soluble marking pen
Matching Dual Duty XP Thread
Ballpoint or Jersey Needle
The Kit
Fav scarf, at least 60” long for tie


  • First de-construct the t-shirt by cutting off both sleeves. To do this, cut along the armhole seams, cutting away each of the sleeves, as well as the seams. Set the sleeves aside for now, later they will be used to cut bindings for the armhole openings.
  • To make the new neckline, draw a line across the front of the t-shirt, from armhole to armhole, right below the ribbing of the neckline. Making sure that the shirt is lying very flat and even, cut through the front and back layers of the t-shirt, along the line that you just drew.
  • To make the binding for each of the armholes, cut 2 strips of knit from the sleeves. Each strip should measure 1” x the measurement of the armhole opening.
  • Pin one strip to each of the armhole openings with the right sides together. Stitch the strips to the armholes using a 1/4” seam allowance, gently stretching the knit as you sew. This will build some “give” into the stitches so they won’t pop and break.
  • Fold the facing strips to the inside of each armhole. Press and pin the facing strips. To hold the facing strips in place, top stitch ½” from the folded edge of the armhole facing. Again, gently stretch the knit as you sew. On the inside of the armholes, trim away the extra facing, close to the stitching.
  • To make a neckline casing, fold both the front and back top edges over 1 ¼”. Press and pin. Stitch the front and back casings 1” from the fold. Be sure and reverse stitch at the beginning and end, there will be a lot of stress at these points.
  • With the front of the camisole facing you, slide the scarf through the front casing left to right. Now, slide the scarf through the back casing right to left. Both ends of the scarf will hang out on the left side of the camisole. Tie the ends into a bow.

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