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T-Shirt Blanket

from My Style, My Place

Supplies Needed

Selection of T-shirts (You will need 11)
2 1/2 yards fleece in Color 1 for blanket front pieces and strips
2 1/2 yards fleece in Color 2 for blanket front pieces and backing
3 yards fusible knit interfacing
1 skein chenille yarn
Tapestry needle

Embroidery (optional)

(My Style, My Place book comes with a CD with custom embroidery designs)
Embroidery designs from CD: "Class of", "Numbers", "Freshman", "Sophomore", "Junior", "Senior"
Tear-away embroidery stabilizer
Machine embroidery thread
Machine embroidery needles


  1. Cut out 11 squares measuring 14" x 14" from fusible knit interfacing. Choose the placement of the design on the T-shirt you want in the throw. Press interfacing onto the back side of each T-shirt, centering the imprint on the T-shirt. Cut around each interfacing square. You will need 11 T-shirt squares for this throw. (Note: if you have designs on your T-shirts that are too small for the 14" square, cut the motif out after applying interfacing to the back, then center the motif in the center of a block of fleece, and stitch close to the motif edges to secure).
  2. Cut out 5 squares measuring 14" x 14" from Color 1 fleece.
  3. Cut out 4 squares measureing 14" x 14" from Color 2 fleece.
  4. Cut out 6 strips measuring 3" x 52" of Color 1 fleece for piecing strips, and 2, 3" x 75" strips of Color 1 fleece for side borders.
  5. Cut one 58" x 75" piece from Color 2 fleece for the blanket backing.

Machine Embroidery

  1. Cut a piece of tear away stabilizer the size of embroidery hoop, and hoop one of the Color 1 squares with the stabilizer for embroidery.
  2. Embroider one of the four text designs, "Freshman", "Sophomore", "Junior" and "Senior" onto each fleece square.
  3. Embroider "Class of" and the graduation year on another fleece square.


  1. Lay out all of the embroidered fleece squares, plain fleece squares and T-shirt squares on a flat surface. You should have a total of 20 squares. Arrange the squares as you like. Lay them out so that you have 4 squares wide by 5 squares long.
  2. Starting with the top row of blanket squares, stitch the side seams of the squares together, right sides together, using a ½" seam allowance. Work your way across the row until all four top squares are stitched together into one long horizontal strip. Repeat the procedure for each of the remaining four rows until all five horizontal rows are assembled.
  3. Using the 3" x 52" strips pf fleece, stitch one strip to the lower long edge of the first row of assembled squares, with a ½" seam allowance. This acts as filler between the strips of squares. Attach another strip to the upper edge of this row. Repeat the procedure for the remaining four fleece strips until all of the fleece strips are pieced into the blanket top.
  4. Stitch the 3" x 75" strips of fleece to each long side of the blanket top, right sides together, using a ½" seam allowance.
  5. Lay the fleece backing on a flat surface. Place the pieced top on the backing, matching the edges as closely as possible. Pin around all of the edges, smoothing the top and bottom.
    Place a long strand of chenille yarn in a tapestry needle. Using a running stitch, push the tapestry needle through both layers of blanket top and bottom, through center of long filler strips. Repeat until all filler strips have been stitched through. Tie the chenille yarn ends on the back side of the blanket. (Note: If your needle does not go through the fleece layers easily, use a pair of pointed embroidery scissors to poke "starter" holes as you stitch.)
    Trim excess fleece backing to match the blanket front edges, if necessary.

This project excerpted from My Style, My Place, by Allyce King. Krause Publications, Copyright 2007

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