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Vintage Valence

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 62


I vintage apron
Matching Dual Duty XP sewing thread
Additional fabric for a “new” pocket
Sulky 40 wt. Rayon decorative thread, assorted colors
Sulky Tear Easy stabilizer

Tip: Spot-clean and/or hand-wash the apron before making the curtain.

Tip: Use a press cloth or clean white dish towel when pressing, especially if the fabric is delicate.

Tip: Use a lint roller or strong tape to swipe up loose threads when ripping out the seams.


Stitching up a “café” valence is as easy as finding a cute apron and a spare half hour of your time. Bonus--most of the hems are already done!

  1. Starting with a clean apron, gently remove all the waistband stitching and any gathering stitches.
  2. Press the apron to remove any wrinkles.
  3. Press the upper apron edge 1/2" to the back side.
  4. Fold the pressed edge 2" again to the back side, press.
  5. Stitch across the apron close to the fold. If any embellishments (such as a pocket) are in the way of the stitching, remove them prior to stitching.
  6. Re-stitch any embellishments, pockets, and such that you removed, placing them where you like. Or create a new pocket or trim using machine embroidery for a coordinating “new” touch.
  7. Press the curtain again to remove any wrinkles. 
8. Run rod through opening, hang curtain.


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