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Super Fast Sewing Tips, with special thanks to Sulky

Sewing Knit Fabrics

TIPThey're easy to sew and comfy to wear, so why not make your next outfit out of a knit-weave fabric? Read on to increase your knit know-how.


Use Ballpoint Sewing Machine Needles instead of regular machine needles. The ballpoint ones work best for stretchy knit fabrics. These needles have a rounded point instead of a super sharp point. The needle point penetrates between the fabric fibers instead of thru them, helping to prevent holes.


Use "pattern weights" instead of straight pins to hold your pattern pieces in place. They also prevent holes from sharp pins that can damage some delicate knit jersey fabrics. We use river rocks, that are less than $5 a bag, as pattern weights. You can also use large washers, silverware, and other items to hold your pattern pieces in place.


Tear Easy is a great lightweight stabilizer than can be used for a lot of sewing tricks.


One of our favorite tips for knits is to cut strips of Tear Easy, a tear-away stabilizer. It's available in sewing centers. Place over the seam allowance as you are stitching your seams to help prevent the knit fabric from poking down into the sewing machine throat plate. This works especially well with tight knit jersey fabrics.


Stitch your knit seams with either a serger or with a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine. Both of these seams will "give" with your stetchy knit fabric, instead of a straight stitch that would result in popped seams. You can also use a multi-step zig-zag for even greater stretch-ability!

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