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Archive for December, 2007

DIY Style Episode 5 – Vodcast

Need a dressy outfit FAST? Melissa shows you how to stitch up a halter dress (or tunic top) in a flash, just in time for all those parties! Be sure to watch our knit-fabric dos and don’ts to help make the project even easier. Then we have a great talk with Cheza Rask, accessories designer and owner of online boutique Rosy Posy.

More info:

Rosy Posy

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DIY Style Episode 5 – Notebook

Easy to cut out and to sew, make a halter dress or tunic in minutes. We’ve put a pattern in this 2-page pdf that you can print and keep in your DIYStyle Notebook.

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DIY Style Episode 4 – Vodcast

Have your cake and eat it too with a sweet skirt you can flip inside out for totally different looks. Trek to a great fabric store in Portland with Allyce and Melissa for tips on choosing fabric to make the stuff you want. Then sit down with Elizabeth Dye of the English Department. She followed a different path to becoming a designer…tune in and find out more!

Learn More:

Elizabeth Dye of The English Department

Josephine’s Dry Goods

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DIY Style Episode 4 – Notebook

Get two skirts in the time it takes to make one! Print out this pdf for the instructions. Keep in your DIYStyle Notebook as a reference.

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