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Archive for November, 2008

DIY Style Episode 33 – Vodcast

Allyce spotted a prep-style bubble skirt in a pricey boutique, nabbed a cool sweater from the resale store, and restyled it to make this designer look-a-like for DIYStyle.

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DIY Style Episode 32 – Vodcast

DIYStyle catches up with Beqi Clothing at the Strange Folk Festival. Get the inside track on this indie designer’s line, and her musings on creating your own fashion.

More info:

Beqi Clothing

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DIY Style Episode 31 – Vodcast

Keep the chill off with a fleece wrap that’s so easy even a novice can make it! Melissa gives you the quickie how-to for this one piece poncho-like topper.

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DIY Style Episode 31 – Notebook

Here are the step-by-step moves for making our DIY Style poncho.

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DIY Style Episode 30 – Vodcast

Melissa has tips for working with fleece and basics for using snap fasteners on this weekend edition of DIYStyle.

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DIY Style Episode 29 – Vodcast

This week on DIYStyle, Allyce shows you how to sew a zip-up lingerie bag to protect your panties and bras. It’s easy to make, and it will get everything through the wash without a single snag!

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DIY Style Episode 29 – Notebook

Step-by-step instructions for making a lingerie bag that keep your panties and bras protected in the wash.

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DIY Style Episode 28 – Vodcast

DIYStyle rocks out with Fall ’08 STL Fashion Week. Rising star and national fashion designers Humanity for All, MIACRO, and Wrath Arcane show their lines at the Surface show. Flow, with the runway actually ON St. Louis hotspot Washington Avenue, featured Apple Bottoms–Nelly’s denim brand–and UC Me by Murphy Lee and Kyjuan.

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