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DIY Style Episode 77 – Vodcast

Art made on the spot…that’s the Wall Ball.  DIYStyle was there to see the artist and designer creations, all made in only 5 hours to be auctioned for charity!

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DIY Style Episode 76 – Vodcast

This is a great trim option for the Handled Tote in the last DIYStyle episode. With the help of VELCRO brand hook and loop fastener, these dimensional fabric embellishments can be changed up on a whim.

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DIY Style Episode 75 – Vodcast

A take-off from our Fold-Over Clutch, it’s the easy Tote version done up with super handles. And, in THE color of the season……turquoise!

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DIY Style Episode 74 – Vodcast

JustLiv designer Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence shows DIYStyle how to make a must have accessory for the spring fashion season. Her signature pieces are funky, fun, and really wearable. This braided headband is easy to do, and she shares tips on how to work it!

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DIY Style Episode 73 – Vodcast

Accessories designer Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence repurposes fabrics and trims to create luscious headbands, necklaces and more. This Illinois based independent designer shows us around her studio and tells DIYStyle how it all started.

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DIY Style Episode 72 – Vodcast

Upcycle a sweater into the cozy Arm Warmers. These are quick to whip up and easy on the budget!

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DIY Style Episode 71 – Vodcast

Brrr it’s cold out there, and this fleece scarf is warm and super easy to whip up. Maggie shows you how to stitch it quick.


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DIY Style Episode 70 – Vodcast

Turning your monogram into a machine embroidered creation is really easy with the right tools. Allyce and June are at it again, showing you how to use one of Brother’s new software packages to do this in a snap!

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DIY Style Episode 69 – Vodcast

This sweet fabric frame goes together in minutes, courtesy of machine embroidery. See June’s easy trick for making this quick gift all in the embroidery hoop.

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DIY Style Episode 68 – Vodcast

Machine Embroidery is really popular, and our guest June Mellinger knows all the tricks for getting all the cool designs. Allyce and June have fun with the easy-to-use software she brings to the DIYStyle Workshop!

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DIY Style Episode 67 – Vodcast

Jenny Hart is the queen of embroidery….and not the type your grandmother would choose! Hear how this pro artist, designer and crafter helped to push the indie craft movement. Jenny is the owner of Sublime Stitching and founder of Craft Mafia!

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DIY Style Episode 66 – Vodcast

DIYStyle had the distinct pleasure of presenting LAUNCH, featuring the DIYStyle collection and the collections of four young designers: Conjetta by Connie Bourgeois, ML by Maggie Laskowitz, Stiles by Courtney Stiles and Allyce King Designs by Allyce King.

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DIY Style Episode 65 – Vodcast

Project Design: Fall 2009
Who is the winner in this independent designer competition? DIYStyle was there to find out!

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DIY Style Episode 64 – Vodcast

Need a quick and flirty costume in a jiff? Our Cocktail inspired “Blue Hawaiian” or “Bloody Mary” costume is just the answer! Perfect for an evening of fright and frivolity.

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DIY Style Episode 63 – Vodcast

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we want to support the cause! Take your Race for the Cure Tees and create a spiff new pair of shorts for the next event. Think Pink with Allyce!

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DIY Style Episode 62 – Vodcast

Turn a vintage apron into a quick café style valence. Maggie shows how to restyle it, and add some embroidery touches to give it new life.

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