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My creative outlet

I just finished sewing a really easy skirt, one that you’ll see on the next episode of DIYStyle, and we’ll be sharing the how-to. While I was sewing with the super-soft knit fabric, I realized how much I REALLY enjoy sitting at my sewing machine and creating something new. Even though I personally can’t wear the skirt I made (it is sized for a model size 6, and that I am not!), it was so gratifying to complete something that turned out exactly as I had envisioned it to be! I think that is one of the main reasons that I sew. I love to see the outcome, and I love the challenge of creating something in my head, and seeing if I can make that happen with the sewing machine. It’s my outlet for creativity, and most times, a great form of relaxation too. I’m busy thinking about sewing instead of the other daily stresses.

My mother helped me to figure out the sewing machine, and I was lucky that she could sew. I just took off on my own (after a few 4-H lessons and a great Home Economics teacher‚ Thank You, Ramona Culp!) once I had the machine figured out and the rest was trial and error. I’m hoping that we can pass along some of that “helping hand” advice and sewing encouragement in the days, weeks, and years to come with DIYStyle. Let us know what you would like to see here on our website. More projects? Sewing advice? A sewing guru to call at 2am when you’re in a jam? OK that one may be a bit over the top. But who knows…ask and you may receive!

Creative Chick (and Mother Hen)

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We’ve been up and running with DIYStyle for about three weeks now, and boy has it been a whirlwind for me and for all of the DIYStyle team! I hope you like what you’re seeing here, on both our website and the vodcasts. If you have a comment, an idea to share, or a suggestion, please let us know! There is a lot more DIYStyle to come, so we hope you’ll keep checking in with us every week. Between our blog posts, new vodcast episodes published bi-monthly, and all the projects and tips, there’s always something fresh. Look for a new DIYStyle vodcast next Tuesday, Nov. 20th. And I’ll give you a hint about what the free project will be… we’ve had too doggone much fun here at DIYStyle. Gotta share a little outtake from our photoshoot…

OK, so that’s a pretty lame joke! But here’s what we are all waiting for: The premiere of Season #4 of Project Runway! It debuts tonight at 9pm CST on Bravo. Check out the line-up of the contestants. I know where I’ll be tonight, what about you? Let us know your favorites, we’ll be following the show, and rooting for our pick designers, too. If you read Allyce’s last blog entry, you know that we had the chance recently to spend some time with Chloe Dao, winner of Project Runway Season #2. She shared with us her excitement over this season of Project Runway‚ it’s going to be one tough competition, with several experienced designers.

Just like on Project Runway, there is SO much that goes on behind the scenes, making the episode actually happen in the end. Keep watching our website, and we will share with you some of our behind the scenes info (and pics!), as we interview some really interesting and inspiring designers, and tape our Season #2 episodes of DIYStyle. We are planning all of that now, so if you have suggestions for projects that you’d like to see on DIYStyle, just add a comment to my blog. Who knows, we may use your idea, and give you credit on the show!

One last thing. Tell your friends about We are growing a fun community of fashion minded sewers (and those that want to learn), so spread the word!

Creative Chick (and Mother Hen)

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Chloe Dao

Allyce King with Chloe DaoWhen I was at Quilt Market a couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Chloe Dao. She was the winner of Project Runway, Season 2. It was so exciting to be able to interview her at Lot 8, her boutique in Houston. Chloe is very much the local celebrity… should have seen all the people that came in the shop while we were there, asking for autographs, hoping to meet Chloe in person. I just love her designs; her style is classy yet unique. Her boutique is really neat too. If you get to Houston, this is a must see.

Lot 8 Boutique in Houston

Chloe spoke with me about how she works, what influences her designs, what she is involved with now, and (tune in!) what she learned from being on Project Runway. Chloe is this very bubbly person and was a lot of fun to talk with. She took me on a guided tour through her store and even autographed one of her Lot 8 t-shirts for me! Talking with this (now) famous designer was so inspiring, as she shared with me insights into her work and her current place in the fashion world. Keep an eye out for my interview with Chloe Dao in an upcoming vodcast, and I know you’ll get inspired by hearing what she has to say.
Kisses XXX Allyce

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This past weekend was Quilt Market in Houston, where all the people in the sewing and quilting industry come to show their new products, and the shop owners buy merchandise for their stores. This was my third Market. I remember going to the show for the first time having a preconceived notion that the products sold and displayed there pertained strictly to quilting. Oh boy, was I wrong! Yes, there are a LOT of quilts on display, but there are patterns, machines, threads, and fabric, fabric, and more fabric!!

I was especially excited to attend this market because it was the “official” release of my book, My Style, My Place, which is published by Krause Publications. I did presentations in both the Krause and Sulky booths showing some of the projects from the book. I also had a little bit of time to walk market and talked to some really interesting people. My favorite booths every year are Michael Miller Fabrics and Alexander Henry Fabrics. We used a lot of their unique prints in the book and on our vodcast. Michael Miller introduced their organic cotton line, and they have some really neat eco-friendly fabrics I can’t wait to use. I was able to spend some time with Kathy recently, so watch for an upcoming episode of DIYStyle where Kathy is our interviewed designer.

I get SO excited and inspired talking to Phillip De Leon, the designer of Alexander Henry Fabrics. He’s incredibly creative and talented. All of the prints in their line are hand-painted by him, and they also do all the repeats for the fabric by hand too. Phillip designs prints for home sewing fabric and does custom design for several famous designers including Anna Sui (one of my favorites as you know from a past post!). Here’s something really interesting. My professor was talking about the book, Print In Fashion, by Marnie Fogg, Thursday (before I left for Quilt Market) in our Computer Aided Design class. As it turns out, this same book was in Phillip’s booth on display. When I asked him about it, he said several of their prints were included and his company profiled. Phillip is quoted right alongside designer Tom Ford…and I was right there in Houston talking to Philip live and in person. How cool is that! My professor had encouraged us to buy the book and now I have a really good reason. Maybe I will send it off to Philip to get his autograph! He’s invited me to visit his studios in Burbank, and I think that it would be amazing to actually see the whole design process from such a forward thinking designer. Keep watching DIYStyle…we may do a segment at their studios for next season!

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