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Archive for January, 2008

Fashion classes

Well, we’re back into the swing of things at school, and this semester has already started out to be crazy (busy). I spent most of this past weekend working on my project for my Career Sportswear class. I present to a critic on Saturday all of my original designs for a pant/skirt suit and a dress and jacket outfit. I finished my collection mood board, worked on the fabric swatch board, and several fashion illustrations. I got lot of ideas together this weekend, but I still have a long way to go. It’s really hard creative work, and this will be a challenging semester to get through. I think I’m already going to start a count down to spring break!

I am also in a class called Fashion Show Production. This class plans and produces the Stephens College annual fashion show held at the end of the semester. The program is a showcase for all the Senior and Junior designers, so we pull out all the stops. We had a group meeting to come up with themes for the fashion show. Our group decided on a theme that incorporates silver and black with futuristic look garments for the show’s intro. We also thought that techno music was a natural fit for our theme. Melissa and I listened to some techno over the summer in Portland so she helped me find the perfect music to present our ideas to our class. We decide on the final theme of our fashion show tomorrow. I will let you know what the class comes up with…….it should be interesting!

Now off to more drawing. I have flats that are calling my name. Wish me luck with the critic!


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Knee-deep in thumbnails

Wow, I can’t believe it is mid-January already. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and your new year is off to a creative start! I was able to get a few days of R&R in Las Vegas with some friends. Ahhh, I needed that! People-watching in Las Vegas is SO interesting when you have friends around to share the ridiculous and absurd.

Now, school is back in session and (of course) a couple of days before classes started, I got sick with bronchitis. Arrrgh. I felt so miserable I had to miss the first day of classes and got behind before I even started. Thanks goodness I worked ahead a little on McCall’s and DIYStyle stuff over break so I can now focus on my homework. Never a dull moment!

One of my big projects for this semester is a “Career Wear” collection. This weekend I was absolutely knee-deep in hundreds of thumbnail sketches with variations and new ideas in every sketch. We have a critic coming February 1st and I have a lot more to do before she comes! I will let you know how everything goes…wish me lots of luck!

XXXX  Allyce

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Season #2 of DIYStyle is coming soon

Happy New Year! It has been a SUPER busy holiday season for DIYStyle. We taped several episodes of our Season #2 vodcasts, with Melissa flying from Portland to join Allyce and me for a few whirlwind weeks. We had a full day of photo shoots (upcoming Babylock Sewing Machine ads featuring A&M); decorated a great new set for our vodcast tapings, stopped into St. Louis shops for inspiration, and taped several how-to projects (we’ve taken your feedback to come up with some hot ideas).

She is a world traveler, but Melissa hadn’t yet visited the Midwest before this trip, so we felt inclined to show her the local color … the Gateway Arch, Laclede’s Landing, and the chic boutiques in the newly renovated Washington Avenue loft district in St. Louis were stops on our tour. Allyce and Melissa worked really hard, taping into the evenings, and most times straight thru lunch. Some vacation!

After a short break for New Year’s, our team was hard at it again, interviewing designers for upcoming vodcasts. I know right now I’m about ready to drop, but all our hard work will be worth it when you see what we’ve put together for Season #2. We have even more helpful sewing tips, and a few NEW surprises (we can’t divulge our secrets just yet!) in store for 2008.

We’ll be posting one more vodcast tonight to wrap up Season #1 of DIYStyle. It’s our grand finale with Chloe Dao, the winner of Project Runway’s second season. Stay tuned for OUR next season coming soon….we think you’ll like what we’ve been stitching together!


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