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Wool Tailoring Critique!

Tailoring Jury Critic Picks

Our wool tailoring critique took place a few weeks ago and here are the results. For the guest critic we were required to put a portfolio together of five full ensembles. The coat designs had to have a collar and at least be mid thigh length. I do have to say my designs are quite bright … I wanted to have a coat that was really attention getting.

One of the fun aspects of my design is the use of wool roving, applying it in the princess seams using a needle-punched technique. This is the design the critic chose. And as the critic, he also “changed” the colors of the outfits. The coat is now going to be chocolate brown with bright blue wool roving trim, and he decided that I should find a silk charmeuse print for the dress. In the past three weeks I have patterned the entire coat and dress patterns. I also managed to get many fittings with my model before the school year was over. Next semester we get to come back and hand tailor our coats in the first seven weeks of school out of the real fabric. It will be really cool to see the final coat totally together and see all the hard work pay off. I didn’t really don’t understand how big of a project a coat can be until you actually design it yourself!


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Good Morning Portland!!


We just had a fantastic week together in Portland… and boy…was it interesting! Although it was exhausting, we sure did a lot. And here’s our fantastic news: we were on LIVE TV!! On May 16 we had the awesome experience of being featured guests on AM Northwest, Portland’s ABC affiliate, KATU Channel 2. We had so much fun, and the biggest smiles on our faces all day after the show! We were invited by the AM Northwest producer to be interviewed by the host Helen Raptis about our new DIYStyle pattern line with McCall’s. Going to the show we were only told to be at the studio at a certain time and we would then be informed of when to go on. So, we brought samples from our lingerie and knit top patterns and our (out in July) Fall jacket and dress patterns. There was even a live audience, with some kids that giggled (especially the boys) when we talked about how easy it is to sew up panties and bras. And we wore our own knit tops we made from the patterns so we could show the viewers how cute the finished product is and that it REALLY can be done.

I (Allyce) got to talk a little bit about My Style, My Place and explain a few of the featured book projects on air too. Our segment ended up being fairly long, considering the other famous guests that were on the show before and after us. Can you believe we were on the same show as Time Bandit Captains Jon and Andy Hillstrand from “Deadliest Catch” (all of our guy friends thought that was pretty cool!), Dr. Stan Love, astronaut, Oregon Congressman David Wu, and Miss Oregon America?!! We were so honored to be featured on the same show as these prominent people. I (Melissa) unfortunately then had to go to class (Ally is lucky, she just finished her semester–I have a few weeks left this term), and back to reality.

with the Deadliest Catch guys

Doing a live television show can be nerve-racking, and definitely not like doing the vodcast where if/when we mess up we can get another chance, but we feel it is a big achievement after having successfully gotten through it. Be sure to check out our interview on AM Northwest’s website. We have more to tell you later about our experiences with at Quilt Market, and something we did with a high school sewing class in Oregon City! So stay posted to DIYStyle!

Allyce and Melissa XXX000

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The Studio

Hey there!

There’s a new season bursting forth around here, so I thought I would start fresh. With my sewing room, that is! I don’t know about the area you sew in, but mine is small. Granted it is a room, not just the kitchen table. Even though the kitchen table is still a fresh memory…. Anyway, I’m not very neat when I sew and picking up after myself, well, need I say more? I usually continue from one project to the next, mess on mess.

I wanted to show you a snap shot of what I call my “studio” (doesn’t that sound so much more fabulous then the corner of the basement that I happen to sew in?). I had to take the photo quickly because once I get sewing again–you know–disaster!

I love the color of the room, geranium pink, with accents of black and white. But, check out the ceiling…it has a harlequin design that I painted. The center of the ceiling is metallic gold. The killer, I put upholstery tacks at each intersection of the ribbon that outline the black and white diamonds. My thumb was sore for a week from pushing pins in the ceiling.

All that may sound a little over the top, but I love it! When I go to sew, the color inspires me, even on the gloomiest of days. I can escape, surrounded by what I delight in!

So, if you can, carve out a little niche for yourself and be inspired. For me it is back to the studio…


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The BIG Show!


The annual Stephens College fashion show was this past weekend. Our theme was Reflection, in honor of our school’s 175th Anniversary (Stephens College has quite a history!). The intro garments depicted the different decades in fashion, with a bit of a twist. Personally, I was really excited to see my garment on the runway.

As a student in the fashion show production class, and with all of us being responsible for the show, I was extremely busy. We had a total of five shows in two nights! It was a wonderful show, but I am happy the time crunch for that is over. Now I only have a week left of school…so I need to get back to my coat fittings and my tailored jacket. I’m almost there…YEAH!!!


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