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DIYStyle TGIF Gifts Contest::New Gift & Winner Announced!!

DIYStyle TGIF Gifts Contest

The winner of last Friday’s TGIF Gifts contest, and the Anna Maria Horner book “Seams to Me” is………Tah Dah……..Rebecca!! Congrats Rebecca, your book will soon be on it’s way. :)

Here’s the next sewing “present” in the DIYStyle TGIF Gifts contest! We believe you can never have enough thread, especially when it’s the fantastic Dual Duty XP variety. Coats and Clark sent us this nifty zip pack full of their most popular colors, 18 spools in all!

Post your comments to this blog entry to win the thread pack (even if you commented last week, you’ll need to do so again this week to win)……..keep those suggestions coming! You just might “gift yourself”!

Dual Duty XP Thread Pack

Remember, we post a new TGIF Gift each Friday until Christmas (and pull the lucky winner that following Thursday night, when that week’s contest closes). And, we might even throw in a few extra prizes as the weeks go on to “sweeten the deal”. If you have any question on how this contest works, check out our original blog post on November 21st. 

Good luck, and keep watching the blog…………there are more great TGIF Gifts coming!!!



  1. Ok i’ll start the comment “thread”
    LOL.You cannever have too much good quality thread.

  2. I love looking at thread and my kids love to build with the empty spools. How about some information on thread, like wooly nylon . Tiffany

  3. Thread and buttons are two things that one can never have too much of, and both are so pretty to look at when in a large grouping.
    I ♥ Coats & Clark thread for its durability and color selection.

  4. I could always use some thread. I am starting out and this would be a great kit to have. I find that I have the fabric but not the right color.

  5. I’m afraid I do not own a sewing machine in my tiny studio here in NYC but I do like to do smaller projects that involve minimal amounts of sewing or can easily be done by hand…can you show a few project ideas that can be done without the use of a sewing machine? Thanks so much…this is a great DIY site!

  6. I love seeing conversion ideas like the sweater that becomes a skirt. Would like to see more reuse/recycle type stuff. It is so much fun to remake something new from something old!

  7. I watch your Vodcasts every week – I love that all of the projects can be done in a short amount of time with limited sewing skills! Keep ‘em coming! I especially love the fleece poncho/sweater project you recently had…so cute! Thanks girls!

  8. I just discovered this site yesterday, and already I am in love with it. I have been away from sewing for a while and I sure could use the thread (LOL). I am really excited about all the info on this site. Thanks!!


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