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TGIF Gifts Contest:: Our Fourth Gift and Winner Announced

So who won all the loot from our 3rd TGIF Gifts post (in case you forgot it was a copy of My Style, My Place and a set of the DIYStyle patterns)? We had some great posts, but only one gets away with the gifts…………..Pamela you are our lucky winner! You’ll get a note from us soon asking where to send all of your lovely goodies. Congrats!

And, I’m sure you are wondering what is up next?! Let’s see, behind door (or should I say gift box) #4 is a basket chock full of wonderful tools and notions from Clover! This basket includes Clover’s neat felting tools & supplies PLUS some Pom-Pom makers to try out too. This gift basket of Clover Notions goodies is worth over $200!!

Clover Goodies Basket!

So, we’re ramping up the “entry” stakes a bit too! We still want you to post your comments to this blog post, about what you would like to see on DIYStyle, AND we’re also asking you to leave us your favorite quick sewing tip as well. We’ll still randomly pick the winner (so if you are a sewing newbie and tipless, that’s OK–you still get a chance to win the gift basket), but, we’ll also vote on which tip submitted is the best of the bunch, and feature it in an upcoming episode of DIYStyle. And we’ll even mention the Creative Chickie who submitted the winning tip on the show! The tip winner also gets a prize too, a set of Clover felting tools.

Get your comments (and tips) in……….somebody’s gonna get lucky!



  1. What a great gift basket!

    My sewing tip: when gather heavy fabric, or fabric doubled to make a ruffle, I take a length of light-weight crochet thread and using a wide zig zag stitch, I zig zag over it down the edge of the fabric I am gathering. Then I just ‘gather’ the fabric together. The thread doesn’t break because of the heavy fabric weight, as it might when just using regular thread and a basting stitch.

  2. Hmm… what I’d like to see on DIYStyle… I really liked the bubble skirt, I think it’d be awesome to see more things like that, how to achieve some of the trendy looks that not everyone might be able to figure out how to reproduce.

    And my favourite sewing tip… french seams would have to be my favourite tip. People are scared of them I think, but they’re actually really simple, just sew wrong sides together, trim, and then flip out and sew right sides together!

  3. If your like me and like to sew from burda WOF or ottobre magazines you have to trace all your patterns, which can be hard on the budget buying all that tracing paper. I go down to my local newspaper and they give me the end rolls for free and I use that in place of tracing paper and it works great! Tiffany

  4. You guys will love this gift basket! The needle felting tool is what I used to create the detail on my wool coat. Check out my blog from a few days ago to see my pictures!

  5. I really enjoy the projects and sewing ideas on DIYStyle. My tip is using left over wrapping paper with the grid on the back to create patterns or making alterations to an existing one. It is cheaper and easier to find than pattern paper.

  6. My tip is: when making a lined garment, cut and sew the lining first. The lining acts as a quick muslin, as you can check the fit is right before you cut into the fashion fabric. Also you are still fresh and more likely to spend the time doing a good job on the lining, rather than rushing it at the end cos you just want to wear your new outfit! I used this tip when I sewed a bolero to go over my wedding dress and it turned out great!

  7. Tip: I have a difficult figure to work with, so I found instructions for a duct tape dress form-it has been invaluable!

    Love the show, I’d like to see some tips on fitting.

  8. I’m new to sewing but would like to see something on how to adjust a pattern for bigger bust size. Cheers.


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