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TGIF Gifts Contest:: Our Christmas Week Gift and Winner Announced

DIYStyle TGIF Gifts Contest

Hi All!

So, who won the Clover Gift basket???? The goodies go to Angie. Congrats :) Thanks for your nice comments about DIYStyle, and the tip about using leftover wrapping paper to make pattern alterations–great idea!

And the winner of the “DIYStyle Tips” and the felting tools set goes to…….Cheryl. Your tip about making gathers easier (who hasn’t had the dreaded broken gathering threads to contend with?!), by stitching over a heavier thread or yarn like crochet cotton. Cheryl we love your tip!! Watch for Cheryl’s tip to be a segment on our next season of DIYStyle!!

And now, our final gift in the TGIF Gifts contest is from one of our very favorite sponsors, Sulky. Actually Sulky was the very FIRST sponsor we had at DIYStyle……they believed in our idea from the start (Thank you so much Jason and Fred!). So be sure to thank them for helping make DIYStyle possible (and for making such great products too!).

Here’s the gift(s):

We start off with a Sulky Stabilizer assortment starter pack. You know how we’re always talking about using stabilizers on DIYStyle, now here’s your chance to try out each and every one that Sulky makes……..

Sulky Stabilizer Sampler

Then, they add their book “Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing” to show you how to use several of their original and popular stabilizers, as well as some neat projects to boot.

Stabilizer Book

And, added to the gifted loot, Sulky added their latest supplement book (this has info about their brand new stabilizers in it too) “Supplement to Sulky’s Secrets to Successful Stabilizing”. So together, with the book above, you’ll be armed with all the info you need to know about how to keep stitches from puckering, decorative stitches made perfect, embroidery, embellishment tricks, and SEW much more!

Supplement Book

And as if that was not enough, they threw in a can of their super popular spray adhesive, KK2000. This stuff is fantastic for temporarily holding anything in place while you stitch, hooping towels and loose items for embroidery, and it does not make your fabric stiff (it disappears in 24-36 hours!) like some other temporary spray adhesives.


So, the winner of this week’s bag-o-xmas sewing goods will have quite the loot to get stitching on some new stuff in the new year. With that, we decided that we’d still love to hear your comments about what you would like to see on DIYStyle (give us your sewing how-to wish list!), and in addition (this should be fun!) we’d really like to know how you learned to sew in the first place. Just kind of short and sweet, something nice for all of us to read—each of us has a story to tell and this would be a perfect time to share and reminisce!

Happy Holidays everyone. All of us at DIYStyle are truely thankful for having such a great group of sewing friends and followers this past year. Keep up with DIYStyle………there is lots more to come………..and please pass the word to all of your sewing and sewing wannabe friends about joining the DIYStyle community. The more the merrier!!



  1. My wishlist is: (1)more handbag and purse projects and(2) tutorials for couture techniques to make my projects look even better.

    I learned to sew from my mum. She always encouraged us kids to be creative and one summer she let me play with her old Singer sewing machine and her 1960/70s pattern stash. I never looked back! One of my earliest sewing memories is of hosting a Barbie fashion show in my living room. As I got older, I started sewing for myself and I used to save all my pocket money for trips to the fabric shop. Now crafting is my full-time hobby and my part-time job! But I’ll always be learning new tips and techniques which is why I love sites like DIY Style.

  2. well i learnt to sew because mum bought a lot of jumble sale clothes for us kids and they were always too big and huge 60s and 70s collars!
    What would i like to see?mm everything but maybe in this age of economy some ideas for updating older clothes to make them new again.

  3. I am so excited that I won the Clover felting kit for my tip! Thank you so much!

    My mother started sewing our clothes when I was in junior high. I loved to watch her, and then took home ec. classes in school (when they were still offered). I’ve been sewing ever since, for the home, crafts, and clothes for my children as they were growing up. I still sew for them!

    Something I would like to see is more information on upcoming color trends. I also love Michelle’s idea on updating older clothes, or ideas for remaking things, that aren’t so obvious. Ideas that will make us think outside the box (like, why didn’t I think of that!) kind of things.

    All of you do a great job, thank you!

  4. I would like to see tips and information about using the various types of threads such as wooly nylon, metallics and others.

    I started sewing at age 5 or 6 with my mother & sis. Mom always made us beautiful, lined suits and detailed clothing. My sister clothed my Barbies in the latest fashions. My favorite design from Mom is a georgette handkerchief hem dress that she hand rolled hemmed multiple layers. I will never part with it.

    I am very excited about winning the Clover gift basket! Thanks so much. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to do all the sewing I want!


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