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Web Trendy: Nancy Sinatra Said (Sang) It Best…


“These boots are made for walkin’…” No matter what the season, boots are my go to footwear for either a casual walk to class or a night out with friends. I love every style. Whether they be booties, ankle boots, riding boots, moccasin boots, over-the-knee boots, or snow boots. I can never have enough pairs. Boots can often be very high priced but if you know the right places to search, deals aren’t hard to find.

Studs and grommets are very in this season and they are even being shown as embellishments on fancy footwear. I found these on-the-knee, edgy boots on Top Shop’s site. I love them because even with a casual, plain ensemble these boots can add some flare.


There’s a new style that I’ve seen several times and can’t wait to get my hands on; short ankle boots with a foldover cuff. I found a pair on the Urban Outfitter’s website. I LOVE the brown ones. The cuff is really bold and that’s what I like about them. Also found a cute pair on Nordstrom’s site.


Over-the-knee boots are making their way into the fashion scene. In past seasons, celebrities were the only ones brave enough to don this extreme look. But, not anymore. Free People offers several different styles of over-the-knee boots. They are pretty reasonable, as well. These “Joust Over-the-Knee” boots are flat and casual and could be worn during daytime while the “Vamp Over-the-Knee” boots are perfectly chic for a date or a night out with friends.



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Project Runway 6::Behind the Sewing Machines::9.24.09

PR Sewing Room Entrance

I think Heidi said it best at the judging of this challenge. “Snooze-Fest” is how she described Louise’s finished design for the Movie Genre challenge. Did anyone else find this challenge boring? Maybe it’s just me, but I really thought last week’s challenge with the newspaper’s was much more inspiring than this one! My understanding was that the designers were to “invent” a character in the movie genre they were assigned, and create a costume worthy of a movie setting using that direction. I really did not see that clearly with many of these designer’s, and the looks they pulled out were not new…..worthy more of a halloween costume rather than that of a movie set! OK, maybe I’m being harsh, but I had to watch this episode twice to see if I had just missed anything (I really fell asleep the first time!), and I was not any more impressed the second time around. Maybe next week will be more exciting.

Louise stitching up the “snooze-fest” costume

Louise’s dress/costume was fairly plain, considering it was supposed to be movie worthy. I don’t think she pulled this one out, and almost got eliminated because of the mediocre design.

Ra’mon creating the green lizard pieces

Ra’mon had lizard on the brain when he was creating the green unitard design that was embellished with these scale looking pieces.

Ra’mon completing the lizard lady costume

There were quite a few pieces to this costume, and really it was one of the few where I understood the character behind it. I did not think his finished costume was as bad as the judges made it out to be, and not reason enough for him to be eliminated. 

Ice Queen winning costume by Nicolas

Nicolas was right on with his winning Ice Queen costume and defined character. This one was truely stunning. You can certainly tell he has costuming background.

Thanks to our friends at Brother, we keep getting these cool sewing pics from the PR sewing room. Next time I will be sure to post one with the clock…’s a question that keeps nagging at me….do you think they are really sewing at the time it shows? Or is that a set-up? Hmmm. 

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Project Runway 6::Behind the Sewing Machines::9.17.09

Paper Snips

Curveballs are always thrown out to the designers on PR, and this was a pretty good one. Paper clothing has been designed for years, but this took things a step further to create “art”. Nevertheless, the designers all stepped up to the plate (well almost all of them!) to deliver some spectacular garments. Really…………..I can sew just about anything, but I have not ever been challenged with making something that could be ripped apart in an instant. Just one walk down the catwalk could have ended in disaster for any of these guys.

And, of course we had to go back to the “drama”, this time between Johnny and Nicholas (and I thought women were typically the backstabbers—hmmmmm). After Tim gave him bad reviews on his work in progress, he destroyed the evidence of his bad design, and then complained that the steamer (what steamer?) spat all over the dress and ruined it! Even Tim was baffled in the end as to how he got so off track to start telling lies! And it was Nicholas that felt compelled to rat him out….”drama”…this time between the guys…..hah!

Paper Circle Skirt

Oh well, with all of that, the other designers hunkered down and really pulled out some pretty cool stuff. The LA Times never looked so good. Gordana produced a pretty look, but was dubbed as “safe” by the judges. I thought it was pretty intricate for a paper dress mind you.

Gordana stitching paper bodice

Gordana’s paper bodice

Gordana’s paper fashion-runway pic

Shirin definitely packed a great punch here with her origami skirt design. I’m not even sure how that model kept the dress from falling off….did you notice how her hands did not come off her waist?! It was pretty unusual, especially compared to the others.

Shirin’s origami fashion skirt

Shirin’s paper fashion dress-runway pic

Surprisingly (at least to me) the winner for this challenge was Irina for her coat design with the poodle like collar. While I think this is fun, it certainly did not have some of the artistic feel and panache of some of the others. Oh well, I guess it’s all subjective.

Irina’s paper coat design-runway pic

Thank our little birdie for the pics………Brother came thru again………….thanks for the inside scoop!

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New York Fashion Week::Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller-NY Fashion Week, Look 1

The Nicole Miller show is definitely one of the main fashion shows I wanted to attend at NY Fashion Week. Between the rain and loads of people, the wait was definitely worth it after all (waiting is the tough part for the shows–you have to get there super early).

If anyone can design timeless fashion it is Nicole Miller. Truely wearable clothes for all ages. Nicole Miller is one of my favorite designers that I hope to meet personally some day soon. Here were some of our favorites from the show on Friday. Notice the biker styling on tops, along with the print in piecework fashion in the dresses. Prints were in the blue/black/grey family, most looking hand dyed. Lots of slimmer pants with detail at the hip. I could wear most all of this collection…………

 Nicole Miller–NY Fashion Week, Look 2 

Exposed zip, biker style. Black everywhere in this collection.

   Nicole Miller, NY Fashion Week, Look 3

Prints laid in almost piecework style. Flowing style with the print creating a slimming illusion.

Nicole Miller, NY Fashion Week–Look 4

Pretty shine with neat design lines to break it up. Lots of sheer too for tops. Love this smoky grey top with the silver blingy skirt.

Nicole Miller, NY Fashion Week–Look 5

The tucking and origami shape defines several pieces in this collection. For more pics and the video from the runway show check out Nicole Miller Spring 2010 Collection.

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New York Fashion Week::Rosa Cha

Rosa Cha fashion swimwear–lattice work

DIYStyle’s first show at NY Fashion Week was Rosa Cha (yes I will always remember THIS show–my first runway show in Bryant Park !!). He designs some of the most amazing swimwear I have seen. For Spring 2010, they showed lots of lattice work, exposed zips on cover-ups & tops, polka dots… grey/blues, black, yellow & orange. The play of stripe with the dots, and the orange and yellow intertwined together in the weave of the lattice work on several of the swimsuits was striking. Rosa Cha certainly brings a fashion edge to beachwear. I love it !!!

Rosa Cha swim, exposed zips  

Love this back zip in this beach dress. And the contrast stitching design.

Rosa Cha fashion swimwear, polka dots 

So retro, polka dots…….

Rosa Cha fashion swimwear, stripes and black 

Stripes with black, sexy “edgy” nautical

 Check out Rosa Cha Spring 2010 collection. Swimwear’s certainly haute here!

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New York Fashion Week::DIYStyle is HERE!!!!

Front Entrance Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York–Bryant Park

We made it!!! After weeks of planning, applying for credentials, and figuring out how to navigate the NY fashion week set-up, we are finally in NY and making our way thru the rain and people to get to the shows in Bryant Park. Yes, it really is as cool as it sounds!! I’m truely in heaven here………despite feeling wet and sticky most of the time. The fashion/people watching is fab, and we have been spotting celebs galore (more on that later).

Bryant Park is right in the fashion district, right by the fashion showrooms, fabric places, shoe outlets, bead places, trim and notion suppliers………no wonder they call Seventh Avenue “Fashion Avenue”.

Fashion Avenue, NYC

Front lobby, NY Fashion Week

The reason we are REALLY here though is to see what is happening this coming Spring 2010, spotting the coming trends, colors and more for the next fashion season. Top designers are showing here at Bryant Park and around the NY area. Several of the shows are off site from Bryant Park–bet you didn’t know that–neither did we until we got an invite to a show in the Meatpacking District. It’s really fun to be in the buzz of things, lots of energy and fashion galore, both on the runway and off.

Fountain in the Lobby of main tent

The decor is really stunning (it’s a tent mind you!) and some of the sponsored displays are pretty cool too.

Fashion Display

And, we have had a few meetings with a couple of our DIYStyle partners while in the area too, so we are not JUST playing at the fashion week shows. Our friend, Steve Silver from Sew True (check out the dressforms we use on DIYStyle) gave us a great view of the fashion district from his rooftop. Thanks for the hospitality (and lunch!) Steve!

Allyce on the rooftop at Sew True 

Notice the Empire State Building (above my head) in the background!

Allyce and Steve from Sew True with NY skyline

That’s the fashion district behind Me and Steve.

Keep an eye on our blogs. We’ll start giving you a quick view of some of the shows we got to see and what’s hot for Spring 2010. Are you ready to get lots of fashion inspiration, and the inside scoop? Check our Twitter and Facebook pages too for our status from the shows and who/what we see………….you never know what may happen!

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Project Runway 6::Behind the Sewing Machines::9.10.09

Project Runway Sewing Room Entrance

I actually got to watch this week’s episode last night! After a LONG day running around NY, Allyce and I were exhausted and fell into bed pretty late (by my standards anyway). Too cool that I could still watch this episode….the time change (CST to EST) helped immensely to be able to catch this weeks antics. BTW, New York is SO cool (despite the rain). We are here at the beginning of Fashion Week, and there is definitely a building of anticipation as the shows really fall into full swing today and the rest of the weekend into next. We’ll be backstage and watching Nicole Miller this afternoon and evening and try to catch a couple more shows if we can this afternoon. Then it’s onto Alice + Olivia tonight. Need to eat my Wheaties to keep up the pace (gives new meaning for running in heels)!

Back to this week’s PR episode. Not anywhere near as much drama as last week, but the designers did pull out some neat looks for their models. The challenge of designing something their models could wear to an industry soiree was a great idea, kind of turning the tables on who was making the design choices.

Logan and Ramon sewing their Blue creations at the Brother sewing machines!

Logan’s creation was dubbed “the smurf” dress (I think he said that, not Tim!) during his critique. I did think the idea of doubling the lace on the top to mute the flower pattern was a pretty good trick, even though it did turn out a little heavy. Neat fashion design tip though to tuck away for a future DIYStyle project. Ra’mon is working on the “flower” that topped his dress. I think this is kind of an “old” 80′s Oscar look, but the judges seemed to like it.

Althea working on the sheer top that captured her win.

Althea’s stitching the sheer that became that tank top. Evidently the judges loved this, since she was crowned the winner of this challenge. It was cool, but I don’t think it was THAT unusual. I really thought the dress Epperson created was the best for getting attention at the model party that they attended. Those strips pieced on the sheer stretch was pretty awesome.

Althea’s winning look Episode 4

Ra’mons strip pieced sheer dress

Allyce and I were somewhat amazed at the judges comments and how harsh they were on some of the designers. And our friend Qristyl was “out” for her black cocktail dress, that got some nasty review. We thought the dress was cute, but not enough to make her model stand out at the important industry event. Boo-hoo……….we still think you are great Qristyl!

Keep watching for our posts from behind the sewing machines, with a little help from our friends at Brother!

 ****And, stay tuned for more posts from NY Fashion Week!!!! Hoping we don’t get too drenched.

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Serena and Jenny and Blair…OH MY!


Gossip Girl has become the absolute go-to show for the latest fashion tips and trends. So much, that designer Anna Sui has decided to create a line inspired completely by the show to sell at Target stores nationwide. There has been so much speculation whether or not this line is going to be pulled or not. Rumors were swirling that Target execs weren’t keen on the idea of supporting a line which is inspired by characters who are into drugs, sex and partying. BUT, after all of this “gossip,” Anna Sui and Target spokespeople have given official word that it will INDEED be hitting stores on September 13th. No word on whether the garments will actually appear on the characters of the show. I could care less if the collection was featured on the show! The clothes are to die for either way.

I’ve looked through all of the pieces and I can’t pick just one favorite. Whether it’s Blair, Serena, Jenny or Vanessa; I love them ALL! I’m so happy someone thought to do this line, especially at a store like Target! Here’s a little peek…


I also found this flyer on the CW‘s website. So if you live in New York, you can be one of the lucky ones to see the collection EARLY!


That’s all for now! XOXO

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Project Runway 6::Behind the Sewing Machines::9.3.09

Project Runway Sewing Room Entrance

Did you watch last night? What drama! We were waiting for Qristyl and Epperson to start duking it out any minute…….you know they say oil and water do not mix–same thing goes with two seasoned designers who have strong personalities. I’m so glad Qristyl hung in there, but barely by a thread (we’re still rooting for you girl). Talk about a nail biter. If those sewing room walls could talk……….I can only imagine what happened off camera. And then Ra’mon and Mitchell. What exactly happened there? I about fell out of my chair when they were announced as the winners of this surf look and avante garde challenge. Then Mitchell was out (he really needed to go last week) even after their team won the challenge.

Ra’mons dress

Speaking of the Project Runway sewing room, DO WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU (yes I know I am shouting…..I’m just excited!)! Sometimes it’s really nice to have friends in high places as the saying goes. Our “little birde” has access to EXCLUSIVE pics taken in the sewing room, so you can see some of the contestants designs (and maybe antics) in progress EACH and EVERY week! So, DIYStyle talked them into giving us first dibs (some arm twisting may have been involved). You get to see them here FIRST each Friday, after the episode airs on Thursday. The new blog thread will be PR Behind the Sewing Machines. So let your fashion friends in on our coup, and start dishing with us and them as the weeks snip away until the winner is chosen. Here’s our first batch!

Christopher at the serger

Christopher hard at work at the Project Runway serger

Ra’mon sewing the sheer dress

Runway fashion sewn by Ra’mon that captured the win!

Louise sewing zipper trimmed bodice

My personal favorite design from last nights show. Louise sewing on the bodice of the dress that resulted in this beautiful avant-garde fashion look!

Avant-garde zipper dress

By now I’m sure you have figured out who our inside buddies are……Brother of course! As the official licensee of the sewing machines for PR, they have the inside scoop. Way cool :)

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