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New York Fashion Week::DIYStyle is HERE!!!!

Front Entrance Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York–Bryant Park

We made it!!! After weeks of planning, applying for credentials, and figuring out how to navigate the NY fashion week set-up, we are finally in NY and making our way thru the rain and people to get to the shows in Bryant Park. Yes, it really is as cool as it sounds!! I’m truely in heaven here………despite feeling wet and sticky most of the time. The fashion/people watching is fab, and we have been spotting celebs galore (more on that later).

Bryant Park is right in the fashion district, right by the fashion showrooms, fabric places, shoe outlets, bead places, trim and notion suppliers………no wonder they call Seventh Avenue “Fashion Avenue”.

Fashion Avenue, NYC

Front lobby, NY Fashion Week

The reason we are REALLY here though is to see what is happening this coming Spring 2010, spotting the coming trends, colors and more for the next fashion season. Top designers are showing here at Bryant Park and around the NY area. Several of the shows are off site from Bryant Park–bet you didn’t know that–neither did we until we got an invite to a show in the Meatpacking District. It’s really fun to be in the buzz of things, lots of energy and fashion galore, both on the runway and off.

Fountain in the Lobby of main tent

The decor is really stunning (it’s a tent mind you!) and some of the sponsored displays are pretty cool too.

Fashion Display

And, we have had a few meetings with a couple of our DIYStyle partners while in the area too, so we are not JUST playing at the fashion week shows. Our friend, Steve Silver from Sew True (check out the dressforms we use on DIYStyle) gave us a great view of the fashion district from his rooftop. Thanks for the hospitality (and lunch!) Steve!

Allyce on the rooftop at Sew True 

Notice the Empire State Building (above my head) in the background!

Allyce and Steve from Sew True with NY skyline

That’s the fashion district behind Me and Steve.

Keep an eye on our blogs. We’ll start giving you a quick view of some of the shows we got to see and what’s hot for Spring 2010. Are you ready to get lots of fashion inspiration, and the inside scoop? Check our Twitter and Facebook pages too for our status from the shows and who/what we see………….you never know what may happen!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these fabulous designers. The orange and yellow swimsuit is stunning. I really enjoyed your personal photos, too. Looking forward to Launch!


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