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Sewing DIY Gifts

Sewing Gifts-Pull thru Scarf

This year I made a pact to only give handmade (or at least semi-handmade) gifts this holiday season. I thought you might like to see my favorite to sew, and the one that everyone loved! Polar fleece is so soft, warm and in tons of fab colors and prints, and was perfect for this Pull thru Scarf. These are so simple that you can churn out several, even at the eleventh hour. And, they take very little fabric and supplies (only matching thread), so they are easy on the budget too….and we all need a little help there. I made these out of two coordinating colors and prints, but change them up as you like.

If you want directions for the fleece scarf just add your comment to this post, along with your email address. Let us know what you think about DIYStyle and we’ll send the easy instructions right out. If enough of you give the thumbs up, we’ll tape this for an upcoming DIYStyle episode!

Have a creative Happy New Year!


  1. Would love the scarf instructions!

  2. love the scarf!

  3. Handmade, fast to sew, practical and easy on the budget. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  4. There’s always something to learn here, even for someone who’s been sewing for 54 years!

  5. I would love the tutorial for this scarf! Really cute and a great gift for cold weather family!

    Lynda in LV

  6. ohhhh it’s below zero here in Arkansas tonight and I could whip up a few for myself, friends and family! Love your ideas!

  7. Please send directions for the fleece scarf. thanks – it is so great looking!

  8. I would love the directions. You have such a great site here at DIY I always enjoy each new post!

  9. I LOVE this scarf. I would love the instructions! Thank you so much!

  10. Been looking for a scarf like this. Please share the instructions! Thanks

  11. This looks amazing! DIY gifts are awesome and come from the heart :D

  12. Love it! Always looking for gifts for my daughters to make for their older cousins, this is perfect…only wish I had it two weeks ago!!

  13. Love the scarf. Your site is both inspiring and refreshing.

  14. Just discovered the podcast and checked out the website today. I’m a military wife living in Germany and want to get back to sewing and encourage my 11 year old daughter. Love the scarf and looking forward to trying it and checking out the website.

  15. Love the scarf and would love the directions. I enjoy following your ideas.

  16. Totally love this scarf! Can’t wait to make a million!

  17. Love the scarf and your website. Lots of great ideas! :)

  18. Great scarf! I would love the instructions. Thanks.

  19. I think it is a great gift idea. Would love the instructions and make a few for Valentine’s Day.

  20. Perfect! I have some leftover fleece I need to use up. Would LOVE the instructions!

  21. Love your site, love the scarf. I’d greatly appreciate the pattern.

  22. Love to have the details! THX!

  23. The scarf is so cute. I would love the directions. Love your web site.

  24. Hey I would love the instructions please! :D Thanks in advance!

  25. I love this scarf and the skill level is right up my alley!

  26. Love the scarf! just graduated from fashion design school. Wanting to get more practice with sewing to get better at it. Would love the details on this piece. Love the website. Very inspiring.

  27. I would greatly appreciate the directions for this polar fleece project. It’s so cold here! Thank you !

  28. I just found your website. I would love to have the pattern for the scarf. Thanks

  29. Awesome scarf – I can’t wait for the instructions (please). Thanks in advance.

  30. This is cute. Can you please send me the instructions? Thanks.

  31. Please send me the tutorial and I will love you forever.

  32. This is such a great idea for a gift to a man or a woman. I think it will solve my annual problem of what to give my Dad for his birthday. Could you please send me the instructions? Thank you very much!

  33. LOVE this I can’t wait to make this for the “people who have everything” (except this!). Please email me directions. Thanks

  34. I love fleece too..would love to make this scarf. I’ve taken the HandMade pledge too. ;D

  35. I love this scarf. Would love the pattern to keep me warm this winter! Love all DIY has to offer!

  36. Yes, I would like to have the instructions for the scarf. I like the idea of sewing the scarf – makes it a bit more special for gifting.

    Thank you!

  37. Love the scarf. Great fabric combination! I would love to receive the pattern. Thank you!

  38. Would like to use this pattern but want to try faux fur instead of fleece.

  39. I’d like the instructions on how to make these, they’re so cute! Thanks:)

  40. I have made the same pact for family this year. We are all making handmade gifts and this would be prefect. Please send instructions.

  41. Will you please send me the instructions for making the pull through scarf. Do you know how to make it with faux fur? Just wondering.
    Thank you,

  42. Was looking for more ways to go with the fleece. Just love this idea.

  43. wonderful scarf, love it

  44. super cute! love it & would love the instructs!

  45. gets pretty cold here in tn, would love a snuggly scarf to wear this winter

  46. Love this idea! How wonderful are self made holiday gifts?! Would love the instructions.

  47. I realize I am a little late but I would love this pattern! Thank you for share great information on this blog.

  48. Would love to have the instructions. Great idea, thanks!

  49. Would love the instructions. Great idea, thanks!

  50. I would like the scarf instructions please. Thanks!

  51. looks nice and easy. please send me the pattern. thanks

  52. Looks Great!

  53. I would love the instructions for the polar fleece scarf. I like having all my Christmas presents each year home made items.

  54. I love this scarf and would love the instructions!

  55. Love the scarf. Would like to make it. Could I please have the instructions? Thanks

  56. can’t wait for instructions…going to make charity scarves

  57. Are instructions till available for this scarf? I would love to have them.

  58. Are the instructions for this scarf still available? I would love to have it.

  59. I want to make scarves for my nurses out of fleece for christmas and I was looking for a neat pattern. This looks fantastic

  60. I know my comment comes a bit late but this scarf looks so nice! I would love to have the instructions.

  62. Instructions are on the site at Enjoy!!

  63. Instructions for the scarf are on the site at Enjoy!!

  64. Scarf instructions are at Enjoy!!

  65. Pull Thru Scarf instructions are on our site at Enjoy!!

  66. Find the instructions here Enjoy!!

  67. Awesome! I want to male these for my daughters college roommates. Zebra and a school color, how cool is that?

  68. Love this scarf. Can’t wait to make it for all my girls!

  69. LOVE the scarf! Would love to have the instructions.

  70. I love this scarf! Please send me instructions on how to do it!

  71. i would like the details on how to make this its look s so cute n so warm <3

  72. This scarf is the perfect gift for several
    friends & family on my Christmas list! I would love having your pattern & would love starting early. Thank you so much!

  73. Instructions for the scarf are on the site at Enjoy!!

  74. Such a great idea. Good choice of print & color combo.
    Please send instructions.

  75. Would love instructions for scarf. Making Christmas gifts. Thanx.

  76. Can’t wait to make these!

  77. Yes please for pattern. Love this!

  78. I would love to make some of these adorable scarves for my grandchildren. would you send directions, please?

  79. Hi. I would love to try making this scarf. It looks so warm and simple to wear. I believe my mother-inlay would be happy to wear it. Thanks!

  80. Would love this pattern!

  81. Would love pattern to make gifts for xmas

  82. Great for gifts

  83. Sorry for the late reply. The instructions are up on our site here:


  84. Sorry for the late reply. The instructions are up on our site here:



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