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DIYStyle Read: Fashion for Dummies

Fashion for Dummies


Our featured book is Fashion for Dummies by Jill Martin. You have probably seen her on NBC’s Today show, where she discusses fashion trends and must-haves. She’s also famous for her “Ambush Makeovers” and she is a sports broadcaster for the New York Knicks. Fashion for Dummies is FULL of tips for any woman that wants to look put together and fashionable.

Jill Martin

The book is broken up into six parts:

-The first part will you find your own personal style based on your preference and body type.  It allows you to find what looks good on you! 

-The second part of the book includes the very basic explanation of fabrics, color, and what makes a well-made garment. 

-The third part is very useful today.  Martin explains how to be fashionable on a budget. You begin with the basics and then add trendier pieces. 

***Her MOST IMPORTANT TIP that she mentions multiple times throughout the book is that if a garment is not a 10 then don’t buy it! If you have something in your closet that is not a 10, get rid of it!

-Part four helps you dress for different occasions, whether it is black-tie or cocktail, summer or fall.  Maybe you need dressing for every day.  This section will help with that.

-Part five is titled Finishing Touches because that is all it includes.  It covers everything from undergarments, accessories, and shoes.

-Last but not least, part six includes three lists of ten: fashion faux pas, going from day to night, and Jill’s favorite websites. 

 My motto for 2010 is to “Become a 10 in 2010.”  I will admit that I got this from Richard Simmons.  He said this on The Wendy Williams Show a couple of days ago and I loved it!  This book is definitely an aid for “Becoming a 10 in 2010!” Once you buy and read Fashion for Dummies, come back and let us know what you think! 

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