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Project Runway 7::Time for Free Sewing Stuff!

Brother Clock

Did I get you with that tag line? Free stuff is always good. And when it’s coordinated with following this new season of Project Runway it’s even better. Last week I posted a new blog contest we are having fun with at DIYStyle…..but only a few of you paid attention! So, I’m giving all another chance to join in the guessing game, to win FREE sewing stuff. Here’s how to join in:

Make your pick: Who is your winning designer of choice?

Post your choice here on THIS blog entry, and each week we’ll see who is still in the running, both on PR and in our little game here. You MUST post to this blog entry with your designer pick before the next episode airs this Thursday night-January 28th. Anyone who guessed correctly and still has their designer in the running at week 7 (there should be about 6 designers left at that point by my calculations!) will receive a free gift from DIYStyle (and courtesy of our great sponsors). We have assorted goodies in our stash including snips, patterns, thread, fasteners and more. Really this guessing game is just for fun………..but it doesn’t hurt to get a little gift for being right……..and bragging rights to boot!

 Now onto the last PR episode….

From Potato Sacks to Butt Cheeks!! Could you believe what actually walked down the runway in this show?! The challenge was innocent enough. Taking a potato sack and turning it into something beautiful (from the age old saying that any beautiful woman could look great even dressed in a potato sack). That was the beginning of some interesting sewing and design decisions, and ended up in a model walking down the runway in a creation that shocked viewers with the “skin display”.

Group in Sewing Room

In a way I feel sorry for the winning designer, because I think all the talk was about the poor decision (and design) from Ping. But, several pieces by other designers warrant discussion (besides her odd dress). The group keeps sewing away on the Brother sewing machines in the lab. Full up now….but not for long.

Ping at work and then the awful creation that caused the stir! Yes, you could see the model’s rear (how could Ping let that go down the runway…much less the producers. She should have gotten booted off for this one)

Ping at work

Ping’s Dress-Back View–EEW!

My favorites were Seth, Jonathan and Amy

Seth’s futuristic dress

Jonathan’s Design

Amy’s Amazing Potato Sack Dress

In the end Pamela was the one that took the loss (still think it should have been Ping–am I getting too vocal here?!). And of course we can’t forget the winner of this challenge……….Jay! I absolutely adore what this guy did with burlap. As Michael Kors said, he thought the trim on the dress floated almost as if it were made of feathers. A far cry from a potato sack! Wonder what Jay will be able to pull out in the remaining challenges with actual fabric!

Jay’s winning Dress


  1. My vote is for Seth – he is a little funky in a good way and doesn’t seem to be afraid to take a little risk. Hope I’m right! Love this show!

  2. emilio will be in it for a while.

  3. My vote’s for Amy.

  4. My vote is for Emilio

  5. I love Thursdays because of PR…and I usually end up making something really cool on Fridays! Inspired! I LOVED Amy’s and Jay’s! I’m not crazy about Seth but I have a feeling the judges like him so he will go far. I’m interested to see what the young girl just out of design school (can’t remember her name) is going to do. She seems very good. I really like the talent this season! It’s going to be hard to decide! And how about Heidi looking so freakin’ beautiful pregnant again!!!

  6. I vote for Amy. I loved the dye she used on the skirt!

  7. I was amazed at what they were able to do with burlap! I loved so many of the designs.
    It’s a tough one after last night, but my vote is for Emilio.

  8. Gotta go with the local boy, Seth Aaron

  9. PR is one of my most favorite shows. I am going to go with Amy.

  10. I think Amy will win! Ahhh this is my favorite show and I just discovered your website/ workshop and I cant wait to attend your sessions!!!

  11. ANTHONY! A good ‘ole southern boy with some serious sytle! LOVE him and his designs!


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