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Archive for February, 2010

Project Runway::Cover Girl

Project Runway designers in the sewing room

Heidi Klum is the quintessential cover girl model. So when the cover of Marie Claire was offered up for the win on last week’s challenge on PR, and Heidi as the model for their expertly designed creation, you can just guess how the scramble to win this coveted prize ensued. The designers put their thoughts into sketches, but something got lost in the translation for several of these guys. A cover look needs to be outstanding design-wise, color-wise, and truely unique. I can’t believe how may looks were created in this challenge with muted or even flesh like tones. Blech.

Some looks were awesome….

Ben sewing a favorite design

Ben’s fun colorblocked dress

and some others not so much.

Anna’s separates-losing look

And they sewed away, winner or not.

Auffed and The Win

But I was pleaseantly surprised at the outcome……from the king of glitz and glam himself!

Anthony’s Blue Dress won the cover of Marie Claire!

Anthony, with his pageant ways found a way to tone down the glitz a bit and drape this incredible design. This will definitely make a stand out cover. Can’t wait to see this issue hit the newstands in a few weeks.

So what will happen this week? And who in our blog contest is still in the running? Check in later for the scoop. And thanks again to our friends at Brother for their cool behind the scenes pics!

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Boho on the Brain


I have not blogged in forever! My last semester of college is proving to be a busy one. The departmental fashion show, marketing plansbooks, and dog sitting are taking over my life. But, I’m so very glad to be back.

After interning with DIYStyle over the summer, I learned the art of being able to create my own handmade projects. I’ve always been a big fan of doing different things with my hair. I’ve been wearing headbands since my gradeschool days (you know…the plush, thick, plaid ones? Yuck!) They’re still a staple item in my wardrobe. I wear them to class and I wear them out at night.

SO back to the DIY business…you guessed it! I’ve started making my own headbands! I actually started creating some of them this summer. When I get free time at school, I’ll try to whip one up if I get a chance. My favorite right now would have to be the bohemian style bands. Nicole Richie is a big fan of this look (as seen above). I’ve played around with names for my headband collection and I decided to go with “Boho on the Brain.” Let me know what you think! They’re made of mostly recycled materials.

Oh, and THANK YOU to my very fabulous and cooperative room mates, Lucy and Lindsay, for agreeing to be my models!


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Sew Fashion for ME!

Sewing Stuff


Yes, that’s right………I’m making a pledge to sew for ME in 2010! Will you make the pledge with me? I’m NOT talking sewing for your home, kids or pets, but for YOU (to wear). Now that we are well into a new year, it’s time to do a few nice things for ME, and that includes sprucing up the wardrobe. So I’m setting aside Thursday evenings (that’s the night everyone in my family is out of the house anyway) to Sew Fashion! We’ll be at the DIYStyle Workshop on Thursdays, weather permitting, for either our Open Sew time or for our new Sew Fashion group. Feel free to join in, either in person or by sewing “virtually” with us each Thursday night. I’ll be showing off what I stitched up each Friday on Facebook so that will keep me true to my word of sewing fashion just for yours truely.

I find that the more I sew, the more fab ideas I come up with, so watch out! I’m planning on having a whole new closet full of fun things I designed and created soon. Who else wants to join in? Leave a comment (your commitment-eh?!) here on this post if you want to join our Thursday Sew Fashion “mission”.

 PS. It’s also a great night to sew, with Project Runway on to help inspire too.

 Now onto my pile of Harper’s Bazaar and Lucky for fashion inspiration!

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