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Color Play at DIYStyle Workshop

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Well, it seems we are always undertaking something new here at DIYStyle. Early spring was a flurry of change for us as we moved our digs from one studio space to another (closer to home too). And yes, we moved during some of Missouri’s worst weather in history, and had to tromp thru the snow and ice carrying scads of fabric packed boxes. What we won’t do for our fabric stash and sewing stuff.

Now we are into re-decorating a new, sunny open space with lots of windows. The lovers of color that we are, we sure could not settle even for one minute for the drab white walls the place came with, so we chose some new—super bright hues to liven the place up a bit……no, a LOT!!

Allyce and I debated over so many color choices for the Workshop, and while we definitely loved our palette at our quaint space (I will miss the brick walls for the ambience), we decided to amp it up a few notches for this place. We’re happy with the outcome so far, and it sure draws a lot of attention from passersby, as they catch a glimpse of bright color inside.

And, this new location gave Allyce her own space next to the DIYStyle Workshop, for her new line Allyce King Swim, catering to pageant competitors and resort wear! Yes, she will have her very own studio and design space & salon showroom. I will let her do the honors of posting pics of her paint choices and decor. With her love of glam and sparkle, you can only imagine what she has been up to.

Allyce King Swim

Since I am on the subject of color, and with our numerous trips to the paint store matching colors, I wanted to be sure you had heard about the device that Pantone just unveiled for designers. The Pantone CAPTURE is a super cool gadget ($695 worth) that you can use to snap a shot of any surface, and it will match the color in the Pantone library! Could be indispensable to the designer that is having a time getting the right match to a fabric or trim, especially when ordering from clear across the country. How cool is that? Maybe they will send us one to play with, eh?!

Pantone Capsure

If you are ever in the St. Louis area look us up. Our new address is 7322 Village Center Drive, O’Fallon, MO 63368, We’re in Winghaven at the Boardwalk. We’d love to see you. :)

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