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Archive for May, 2017

Sew You Know :: Terms Talk

There are so many terms that are helpful to know as you sew. To give you some insight to some of the more “obscure” sewing terms we thought we would start a once-a-week “Sew You Know” post.

One of our favorite terms (and tools), especially helpful with all the elastic we use in our knit garments:


Bodkin (bod-kin)


Definition: a blunt, thick needle with a large eye used especially for drawing tape or cord through a hem. Or, an instrument that is used to move elastic and cords thru a casing.
Here’s a pic of our favorite style–with “jaws” that open to grab and hold onto the elastic or cord. Once you use a bodkin you will never go back to using a safety pin for this purpose!
Notice the little slide ring at the base. This ring slides up the bodkin to close the “jaws” and grip onto whatever you are trying to thread through. It’s much longer and stronger than most safety pins, and is easy to slip thru casings. This is an inexpensive little gadget that is worth it’s weight in gold for any sewing studio.

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Meet Me In St. Louis!

For the first time ever (or at least as I can remember)–Quilt Market is in my hometown backyard–St. Louis, MO!! For those in the know, Quilt Market is a major trade show for the sewing and quilting industry. This Spring market is primarily for retailers, showcasing all the NEW fun fabrics, notions, machines and designers. Here in good ole St. Louis, showing us all their great new ideas at this 3-day event. Yes, it is truly a stitcher’s creative heaven. And I still get to sleep in my own bed at night lol!

I remember my very first market. SO many booths…….SO much fabric………and SO much inspiration. I discussed my first book project at this Quilt Market. Allyce discussed her first book project at a Quilt Market too. And now 5 books (and years) later I will be looking at several new ventures and projects for myself and the Creative Chic’s team at DIYStyle. As well as drooling over all the new “stuff”. Quilt Market always brings new things and lots of new energy! There are so many great memories here. Thank You Quilts, Inc.

So, we put our heads together and decided to bring some of that excitement and inspiration to YOU. To put all that Market info into something especially for you, we are working up The STITCH Report! This is a “What’s New and Trending” report that will be posted here on our website at DIYStyle, and on our STITCH St. Charles website too. SO……lots of the new tools, fabrics, designers and such will be profiled in this fresh-from-market info. To be one of the first to get a link to The STITCH Report, make sure you “Like and Share” us on our Facebook Page. We will post here when you can grab your copy!

And if you find yourself back in the Midwest this Fall, Ann Regal, our roving reporter for STITCH will give the presentation LIVE at STITCH St. Charles this November. Check out this new Speakers Series event for Sewing, Quilting and Creating at We will be at the gorgeous Foundry Art Centre in Historic St. Charles, November 14-16, 2017.

Signing off with LOSL! (Lots Of Sewing Love)



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