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“21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space” Challenge!



It’s high time to get the studio space ship-shape. Join in the fun, learn some new tips from DIYStyle, and get your clean on! Follow along with our emails, with all the scoop our DIYStyle Shop blog. YOU get to join in too, with our blog comment contest. Add your favorite organizing ideas, for a chance to win.


Clean, Purge, Organize :: Day 1

1. Plan Your ONE Goal 

We believe it just takes a plan, with an end goal in mind to get things moving in the right direction. So as you are starting to gather the basic supplies for Clean, Purge, Organize consider what your ONE goal will be as a result of completing this Ultimate Sewing Space Challenge.

Cindy’s ONE Goal:

“Be able to set up and get sewing in 10 minutes or less”

Allyce’s ONE Goal:

“Create white space–A calm environment for sewing”

2. Commit Time to the Challenge

Once you have set your compass for your own (organized) true north, it’s best to set aside some time each day to work through each day’s challenge. We are planning to spend approximately 30 minutes a day on weekday challenges, and 1-2 hours a day on weekend challenges. Of course, this is just a suggestion. Chart your time according to your goal. :)

3. Prep for Printables

Create a place to keep the printables we will be providing, to help keep you on your own roadmap, as well as some helpful tips, tricks, and links to helpful products, notions, and such. We like the 3-ring binder and clear slip sleeve approach. You might want to put them in a folder or use the PDF in a folder on your computer or tablet. Any which way, put these forms to use to keep you on track, and your ONE goal front and center.

That’s it for Day One! Check the rest of the series continuing now on DIYStyle Shop

Happy Organizing!

Cindy & Allyce

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