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DIYStyle Classic :: Quick Stitch Halter



Baby it’s hot out there! Stay in and SEW instead.

We knew this halter top was a super fast sew when we uploaded it “back when”, it’s still a classic look for today. Plus, with silk, soft bamboo, rayon, and performance wick-away fabrics, this top is just as perfect at the beach as it is under a work jacket! Grab the FREE project HERE!

* Choose fabrics for this simple halter with your activity in mind. Especially for being outside in this hot-humid summertime weather. Use a performance fabric for the halter that will help you stay cool and dry. The wick-away properties are the best! For work and indoors a silk, bamboo, or rayon (mixed with some spandex for stretch and recovery) is a perfect choice.

* This project is awesome for those fabrics with BIG prints that beg for a large canvas. The draped halter has a lot of front space just waiting for a gorgeous piece of fabric to showcase.

* Cut your fabrics super-fast with our new MAGNETIC DIYStyle Pattern and Cutting System! Check it out HERE! No distortion when cutting out, fantastic for managing knits and slippery fabrics.

* Silky fabrics drape beautifully but can fray easily. Take care to finish the edges before too much handling. We used a rolled hem on the serger or a tight zig-zag to finish.

* To add a bit of coverage, wear your new halter with a strapless cami, or a strapless bralette. You will feel covered and oh so pretty!

* Instead of a chain necklace for the halter casing, make a tie from self-fabric. Thread through the casing, and tie at the side neck for a soft feminine look.

Have fun, and stay cool! Happy Sewing!
Allyce and Cindy

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Our NEW Pinless Cutting and Patternmaking System!


DIYStyle Pattern and Cutting System

Pssst……It’s Magnetic!!!

After MANY years in development, we are thrilled to make the announcement for our NEW baby! Drumroll please——–for the DIYStyle Pattern and Cutting System!!

FINALLY a solution to solving the #1 issue that all sewers, quilters, and crafters have in common. Cutting fabrics and materials in prep for creating. Bye, bye pins, tape measures, and pattern weights. You will LOVE to cut fabric with our new Patent Pending system!


DIYStyle Pattern and Cutting System


How it Works:

The strong fabric grip magnets hold the fabric and pattern securely to the mat, ready to cut

The gridded 24″ x 36″ mat features a high-quality rotary cutting surface on one side

A patternmaking cork surface on the reverse, perfect for creating and adjusting patterns

The 36″ Pro T-square serves as an alignment tool to get pattern pieces on grain–NO MORE TAPE MEASURES!

The Pro T-square simplifies making straight cuts, with holes for the fabric grip magnets to hold both the fabric and the T-square in place.


Learn more about our fabulous new DIYStyle® Pattern and Cutting System HERE!

Order one today with the special Pre-Order package and pricing!

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Top 6 Essential Notions for Sewing Stretch Knits NOW!

6 Essential Notions for Sewing Knits!

Have you started sewing with knits? It’s THE fabric of the moment (and really what we wear every day). And there are tons of options to choose from, everything from cotton jersey to active tech knits.

Gathering a few of these must-have tools and notions will really make your sewing life easier. Knit fabrics, especially S-T-R-E-T-C-H knits (those with spandex added for stretch AND recovery) have a few peculiarities all their own. So let these tools and notions help make sewing with knits as easy as pie.

Wonder Clips

Sewing clips

These guys are the best! No more pins! If you have sewn with knits you know how pins can be such a pain–and I hate getting stuck all the time too. These nifty clips were originally embraced by the quilting crowd. I’m here to tell you they will become your sewing friend, and replace pins almost all together. We use them exclusively when sewing swim and activewear. I can’t remember the last time I used straight pins. The “jaws” are really strong, and will hold everything in place until you are ready to sew. Lay in a supply of at least 50 or more. You will thank me later!

Clover Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutter (and Mat)

Knits can be tricky to cut, and they definitely move around differently than a woven fabric does. So make things easy on yourself. With a Rotary Cutter and Mat, your fabric stays on the surface and you cut around the pattern, No more picking the fabric up to cut like you have to do with a pair of shears. And cutting a knit fabric with a rotary cutter is much more accurate too. Just don’t forget the mat. We use the 45mm rotary cutter for most knits (60mm for lofty fabrics like fleece)
and have several 24″ x 36″ mats to lay on our surface as needed (we tile 4 on our cutting table). So start with one nice mat and then add more to your sewing studio as needed.

Tech Elastic

Tech Elastic

Stretch knit fabrics call for stretch components. And ones that can withstand all of that stretching and movement that goes along. New elastics are used in the swim and activewear garment industry, and now we have one that all of us can use. It’s latex free so no allergy breakouts like with traditional elastics. It is also easy to sew and serge through, so you can attach the elastic to edges (think swimsuit or leggings) and not have it gummed up in your needles. Available in the most common size needed- 3/8″ with more widths to be available soon. Here’s a TUTORIAL of how to use Tech Elastic with a serger. You can purchase a pack HERE!

Woolly Nylon by YLI

Texturized Thread

You have sewn with thread for years. Most likely of the cotton and polyester variety. While that thread will work on many knits, and we use a ton of poly cone thread ourselves–there is often a need for a thread that is just as stretchy as the fabric is. And is especially needed in high movement pieces like dance wear, yoga, swimwear and activewear. But it also has use in lingerie and utilitarian items like napkins. This thread is nylon or poly, and is crimped. So it has some “spring” to it, making it stretch and recover–just like the S-T-R-E-T-C-H knits in question. Used primarily in the loopers of the serger and the looper of the coverstitch (not in the needles), this thread is wonder thread, making seams super strong with a ton of give. And it works doubly great with great coverage on a rolled hem on napkins. This is the thread that “fluffs out” after sewing, and has a fuzzy feel to the thread. Tip: Use a dental floss threader to get the texturized thread through you looper eyes.

Dritz 18 inch grid ruler

18″ flexible grid ruler

This is one of those really inexpensive tools that you will wonder how you lived without in your sewing room. A simple 18″ grid ruler lets you measure seams, create accurate markings, walk pattern lines, and measure trims and elastics super quick. Since it is flexible, you can bend it to shape around curves as needed. The one we use has pin holes thru the center, allowing you to use it to make circles and arcs (push pin in one hole, pencil in another) too. When sewing knits this is on our table constantly, checking seams and hems, marking pattern piece adjustments, and cutting elastic to proper lengths. You will find a ton of uses–we have about 5 of these floating around our studio at any one time.

Clover chalk liners

Chalk Liner Marker

 Sometimes you have to make a few marking on your project, and marking on knits can be especially tricky. A marker type just wicks into the fabric–so not a good idea to use. Chalk pencil “leads” are usually too hard to leave a mark on a knit fabric. We have found that the chalk liner markers are a great marking solution for knits. They are available in several colors, leave a slim line or X where you need it, and often can be brushed off when you are finished. I love that they can also be refilled (although I have not had to do so yet–they last a LONG time!

There you go. Our can’t-sew-without-these necessities for creating and sewing with knit fabrics. So no excuses! Grab a pretty double brushed poly or new tech knit fabric and start sewing. Once you start sewing knits AND realize how easy they are with notions like these, you will get hooked! And when you are ready to learn how to sew swim and active wear, check out our courses at DIYStyle® Studio! Our new online courses take you step-by-step, with videos and printables to help you along.

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Peace Out Skipped Stitches!

Free PDF Guide!

Less Stress = More Sewing! Our new motto here at DIYStyle. To that end, we have been working to get some great sewing guides whipped up for you, and our first one is ready to go! You know….all those pain points you have in sewing? We’re here to help, and get you going in the right direction.

It’s an easy to download PDF guide……and best of all it’s FREE! Just click the Lime button below. You will be able to download our “Peace Out Skipped Stitches” guide, AND you will be the first to know when we have another one ready to go too.


Get My FREE PDF Now! 

A lot of our time now is spent sewing with S-T-R-E-T-C-H knit fabrics, and we have figured out a ton of tips and tricks in the process. So stay tuned as we keep moving along this knitwear path. More Free PDF Guides, Ecourses, Haute Knits kits & patterns. Can’t wait to see where the winding path takes us!

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Sew You Know :: Terms Talk

There are so many terms that are helpful to know as you sew. To give you some insight to some of the more “obscure” sewing terms we thought we would start a once-a-week “Sew You Know” post.

One of our favorite terms (and tools), especially helpful with all the elastic we use in our knit garments:


Bodkin (bod-kin)


Definition: a blunt, thick needle with a large eye used especially for drawing tape or cord through a hem. Or, an instrument that is used to move elastic and cords thru a casing.
Here’s a pic of our favorite style–with “jaws” that open to grab and hold onto the elastic or cord. Once you use a bodkin you will never go back to using a safety pin for this purpose!
Notice the little slide ring at the base. This ring slides up the bodkin to close the “jaws” and grip onto whatever you are trying to thread through. It’s much longer and stronger than most safety pins, and is easy to slip thru casings. This is an inexpensive little gadget that is worth it’s weight in gold for any sewing studio.

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How to Use Tech Elastic & FREE Sample!


Often we are asked “How do you use this new Tech Elastic?”. The solid strip kind that goes into swimsuits and activewear? It’s really not hard at all…..once you know our little secrets!

Of course you will need some Haute Knits Tech Elastic. This elastic is specially made to hold up to active and swim wear, just like you see in top brands in RTW. This is NOT the rubber elastic of old! Latex free makes it perfect for most all applications. See our special try-it offer at the end of this post!


Then, grab some of these Clover Mini Clips. We use these all the time when we are sewing spandex and active fabrics, instead of (dreaded) pins. The new style has a pointed tip, but the original are just as great. You can never have too many of them! These little guys are super strong and hold our elastic right where we want it before we sew it in.

Actually I should say SERGE it on!! Yes, we are sewing stretch to stretch–so we need stitching that will S-T-R-E-T-C-H with both the fabric and the elastic. So thread up your serger for a 3-thread narrow overlock stitch (right needle) with a length of 2.5-3 and width of 6. We typically use cone thread in all areas, but if we need super strength by all means use a Woolly Nylon thread in the loopers.  And we find it helpful to use a stretch needle in our machine to prevent skipped stitches. Check your handbook for specifics for your serger.

So let’s get started:

1) Cut a piece of elastic 2″ longer (1″ on each end) than area to be applied to. Follow the instructions on your pattern or kit for correct length for stretch ratio. Mark the elastic with a pencil–it’s ok. These marks will not show thru.

2) Clip the elastic to the edge of the fabric to be applied, using a few of the mini clips to hold securely in place. Place elastic so you have a 1″ tail at both ends of the fabric. Space the clips a few inches apart. Notice in this pic that the elastic is placed about 1/8″ from the raw edge. You should see just a bit of fabric peeking out under the elastic.

3) Place the tail of the elastic under the serger presser foot, with the tail behind the foot and the needle positioned to bite into the fabric and elastic. The tail acts as an anchor of sorts for you to hold onto and get the fabric piece moving. Start serging, trimming off the scant 1/8″ of the fabric edge as you serge or apply the elastic to the fabric edge. Take care not to nick the elastic, but if you do just a tad it won’t hurt.  Remove clips as you serge, taking care for proper elastic placement (in other words use the clips like pins. Don’t remove until the presser foot is up to the clip). Stretch the elastic as needed to fit the fabric, but don’t overstretch. You should not be stretching both the fabric and elastic, just the elastic to fit the fabric.

That’s all there is to it! The Haute Knits Tech Elastic is synthetic rather than natural rubber. So it glides smoothly under the presser foot without the added talc (what a mess!) that is needed for rubber elastic. And this elastic does not break down and get crunchy like old rubber elastic does.

Try it. It really is a breeze to apply once you get going. And here’s a special offer from yours truly to inspire you to try it out. Just click on the sign below and we will send you a Sample piece of our Haute Knits Tech Elastic for you to try out for yourself! We really think once you try it you will LOVE this stuff! It’s key to making pro quality active and swimwear (not to mention perfect for baby diapers, bedsheets, home decor, kids clothes…I could go on!)

And if you want to learn how to make your own activewear, check out our new ecourse at DIYStyle Studio. We show you just how easy it is, and even have pre-cut kits so you can do more of what you love….Create!!

Allyce & Cindy

Creative Chicks :: Sewing In Paradise!



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Haute Knits Logo

We are ready to roll out the welcome mat! Head over to our brand new website for Haute Knits! Allyce and I have spent tons of hours perfecting active-stretch-knit sewing for swimsuits with her line Allyce King Swim. Now we have sourced some of the best products for YOU to create with too!

Allyce King Swim is your new destination for everything stretch. Think lycra stretch fabrics, tech elastics, tech sewing products, instruction and more. And we show how to make activewear and swimwear with a serger and coverstitch–the BEST way to create these stretch knit pieces. Additional Haute Knits™  products will be added soon, along with kits for making activewear and swimwear.

Haute Knits Header

We’d love to hear what you think, and what you are looking for, so feel free to drop us a note in the Contact Us page. Allyce and I hope you come along for the ride….as we grow Haute Knits™ just for YOU!


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WITW is DIYStyle?

WITW :: Where In The World is DIYStyle?! Follow our weekly update to let all of our followers in on where we are in the world! Yes, Allyce and I have started doing a bit of traveling, getting up close and personal with our Creative Chics. So, whether we are back in our studio (slaving away on a new design or project), visiting a retailer that hosts our programs, or showing at a trade or consumer event….when you see this weekly header you can get the scoop on what’s NEW and where we get to see YOU!

In Studio-Thru October 15th

Upcoming Programs:

Haute Knits
Seminar and Hands-On Serger Program
October 17-18, 2014
Sew Vac, Ltd.
Long Beach, CA for registration details

The Way We Sew TODAY!!
Hands-On Sewing, Embroidery, and Serger Weekend Retreat
October 24-26, 2014
Presented by The Sewing and Vacuum Place
Santa Rosa, CA
Event Location-Hyatt Vineyard Creek, Santa Rosa for registration details

Can’t wait to meet you in person at one of our appearances. And if you have a special request for us to travel to where YOU are, please drop us a note and tell us more. Allyce and I can get in touch with a retailer or sewing dealer near you to see if they too want to host one of our events. We LOVE making new friends and serging all along the way too! Serge On!!

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Game Day Spirit Fingers = Fun DIY! DIY! DIY!

Prepping for a TV spot is nothing new for us here at DIYStyle, but this had to be one of the more FUN segments we have done. Watch us show how to make the ever popular Spirit Fingers, from our new book–Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects To Sew! It is always a good time on set of the Great Day St. Louis show, thanks to the host Virginia Kerr, and her buddies Kent and Matt. Allyce and I gave everyone a quick update on our travels, and soon got our DIY on. With the help of a clever Pom-Pom maker from Clover, whipping out the 10 poms needed for spirit fingers can get done super quick……and way before the big game!
(Sorry for the UGLY link but my blog editor is being finicky)

SOOO when you are ready to nab a copy of THE BOOK for yourself, go to our “Visit Us on Etsy” link to get your very own signed copy (and check out some of the Clover gadgets and other notions used in Game Day). Here is the UGLY link to get you straight there.

And for all you iPad and tablet owners, Game Day is also available as an Ebook too! Go Get Your Game On!!



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IT’S HERE!! Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew!

Game Day Cover


GO Team! Hooray! Our new book, Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects To Sew from St. Martin’s Press releases TODAY!! After months of wading through mounds of fleece, and whipping up this “go team” spirit gear, it’s finally time to introduce you to our new “baby”. Fleece is a super fabric, available in a ton of colors, prints and types. AND best part is you can find it in TONS of team or school colors and licensed team prints to please all sports fans in the family–no matter what their age (or who they cheer for!). We included more than fifty stress-free sewing projects, designed for tailgating, game time, men and women, kids and babies, man’s best friend, and a few No-Sew projects too. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our favorites.


Doggie Hoodie


Lazy Day Capris

Lazy Day Capris


Tailgate Party

Tailgate Party


Taggles Lovey

Taggles Lovey

Check the playbook included for info on fleece fabric types, notions and tools, and our tips and techniques for working with this wonder fabric. And what Game Day tailgate would be complete without a game of Cornhole? We even show you how to make your own game boards, bean (corn) bags and post the rules to keep everyone honest!

Order Game Day HERE! And while you are visiting check out my Q&A at the SMP Craft site, as their author of the month (thank you St. Martin’s-this is a pretty cool honor!). Doing a spirit-filled happy dance here in the DIYStyle studio. May every day be a Game Day. And my own personal shout-out–Go Cards!!



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Allyce in Pageantland-To Market We Will Go!

So many people have asked what I have been up to since designing for DIYStyle and McCall Pattern Company. There is a long answer and a short answer.

Short answer–I started Allyce King Swim, a swimwear line designed especially for pageant competitors (think Miss USA, Miss America, etc.) and have been busy promoting, selling, producing in the USA (yay!!) and everything that goes with starting a new fashion line.

Long answer–in starting my line right after graduating from Stephens College with a degree in Fashion Design and Product Development, I have traveled a long, hard, fun and interesting road to get where I am right now as a fashion designer. And I have met some of the most talented and successful people along the way. With that said, I am going to tell my story………..the road to Allyce King Swim or Allyce in Pageantland as this post and others will be titled!

Atlanta Apparel Mart view from inside Glass Elevator

I am going to jump in at the middle of the story, but with Atlanta Market just wrapping up I could not resist to let you in on one of my MAJOR leaps of faith and one every designer dreams of–taking their line to market. Atlanta Apparel Mart is the location for a huge Prom and Pageant market that takes place each year in August, and I was so excited to present the Allyce King Swim line to prospective boutique owners in attendance that carry pageant competition gowns, swimsuits, cocktail dresses and more. I design swimsuits that make a pageant competitor look their very best–with strategic cuts, interesting fabrics and just the right touch of glitz. Actually my debut line is called “Sparkle”.

Me with my Allyce King Swim Girls-Sydnee and Lacie!


There is a ton of prep work that goes into being ready for market with a line, and mine was no exception. Fortunately I have had several girls wear my Allyce King Swim suits on stage and girls were already winning in my suits! On both the local, state and national levels, showing them off all really nicely. Pretty much like a movie star wearing a red carpet gown at the Oscars. It promotes the gown designer….same here….winning pageant competitors showcase my brand and make Allyce King Swim look fantastic. So the rest was a lot of organization, line sheets, order forms, sales, pre-sales, promotion, emails and more emails, and getting a showroom set up for the very first time.

Allyce King Swim is on the Floor!


Outside the Allyce King Swim Showroom with Lacie!

We arrived at the Atlanta Apparel Mart and were in complete awe. Actually I cried as I was handed the keys to my showroom and opened it for the very first time (yes, I was overwhelmed-joy? terror? how did I get here?!). Fast forward to three days later, with several new stores interested in carrying the line, as well as a few of my current stores there too, market was over as quickly as it had started! It was a complete whirlwind, including my first ever market runway fashion show. All in all it made for a really exciting and rewarding experience. The perfect mix of brand exposure and selling opportunity. Yes, Atlanta Prom and Pageant Market was a success for Allyce King Swim. Whew!! :)

Sydnee and Lacie my Allyce King Swim Girls, The view from the Top, and Sydnee in the AKS Official Model Robe!


Backstage at the Atlanta Apparel Mart Fashion Show


Allyce at Apparel Mart Fashion Show

My words to young designers: Do not go to market to sell your line until you are really ready. Buyers are in a super time crunch at market and you have to be able to command their attention and then follow through. SO much needs to be in place. Thank goodness for all my training at Stephens as well as everything I have learned along the way (I will be sharing some of that in additional Allyce in Pageantland posts).

Yes, I have been VERY busy as a designer, but here’s the BEST part! I am coming full circle back to DIYStyle! With all of our experience in sewing knit fabrics, active and swimwear, as well as designing, now it’s time for me to share some of this on DIYStyle with the help of Cindy Cummins (my Mom and my biggest supporter-usually behind the scenes at DIYStyle, you will get to see more of her!). What a fun way for us to work together to show YOU how to create and design with REAL pro’s (we have some Industry Icon surprise guests)-with REAL info and REAL instruction. We can’t wait to dig in and reboot DIYStyle. So follow my posts and watch as we expand DIYStyle. Stay tuned to hear the rest of the story. It’s going to be a blast filling you all in!

Allyce in Pageantland  xoxo

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Define DIY

For us at DIYStyle, DIY stands for “Design It Yourself”. Originally we meant that in the literal sense of designing & creating as it applied to sewing–YOUR Style. Design It Yourself Style. As we have grown (older!), these Creative Chicks are an ever evolving flock–with TONS of talents–and a bunch of pro expertise to share, not necessarily limited to the sewing, crafting and project area!

So (or Sew), to keep us moving in a fresh new direction, we’ll be whipping into a different form. Can’t wait to introduce you to our new team, all of them Creative Chicks LONG before they came to be part of DIYStyle. We think you will enjoy getting some of their (and ours) pro perspectives on fun fashion, fast good-for-you-food, entertaining, parenting, personal style, real beauty, balance (if there is such a thing!), and anything else we decide to tackle. YES, creating and sewing fashion will ALWAYS be our foundation at DIYStyle. I guess what I am trying to say is we are not only DIYStyle to sewing, we are SO much more. We lead crazy diverse lives too! That includes creating not “just” for 20-somethings, but all of you who are young at heart not matter what the age. I am convinced, sharing knowledge, advice and the “little secrets” between the generations is the real key. Mom, daughter, friend, DIYStyle Creative Chickie.

In keeping, Allyce and I will be bringing you some fun (and sometimes funny–hey you gotta laugh!) Mom and daughter stuff. Yeah, she learned to sew from me, studied fashion at Stephens, and now is a “real life” (hard working) fashion designer! I have enjoyed a career in the sewing and design area all of my life and now have added teaching at a University in the Fashion Design Department to the mix! Together we have been writing, designing, and sewing original projects for more years collectively than I care to admit to! More recently I have had a real live education into the RTW fashion world, helping her roll out Allyce King Swim.

Now in this next chapter of DIYStyle, we get to share the fun and our adventures with all you–our Chickies. Can’t wait for the DIYStyle party to begin. Will you join us?!

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Hey Chickies–We’re Back!!!

Meet Oscar--The DIYStyle Studio Kitty

After a short hiatus from DIYStyle, we are back and ready to SEW!! If you have kept up with us on Facebook, you have heard about some of our adventures. Allyce, I and the Creative Chicks have been super busy with our own personal projects all summer and fall (Allyce now designs for her line Allyce King Swim too). Now that we are headed into the holidays I can let you all in on some EXCITING goings on here in the DIYStyle studio!

We have a BIG announcement (at least big for us!). We are writing the very first book from DIYStyle! I can’t divulge the actual topic and title just yet, but stay posted and watch for that news as soon as I get the green light to spill the beans from our publisher. Due out in Fall/Winter 2013, we hope you will love all the great projects we are having fun whipping up for you.

And we have a new member of our team. Meet Oscar our studio kitty! He’s 7 months old and a bundle of energy. Getting in the middle of all of our creative messes and finding every stray thread to play with. He’s running the miniature daschund (Reese is 12) around in circles, and will probably add years to his life with all the extra exercise.

So what’s on the horizon for A relaunch by spring with MANY more projects, a whole new sewing tips and video section and some brand new techy additions (is techy an actual word?). It’s a TOP SECRET website component–I can’t tell yet. SOOO…..keep watch and LIKE us on Facebook to be the first to get the scoop.

SEW ON Everyone :)


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How a Sewing Machine Works!!

Click on our Blog Page for the Video Link!!

I found this on the Science Channel’s website and just LOVE how it shows how a sewing machine functions. Just good info to know–helps a lot when you need to troubleshoot any mishaps on your machine. And found it pretty cool they used a sewing machine from the nice folks at Brother USA too.

Happy Sewing

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Costume Bash

Fun and Flirty Halloween

It’s that time of year when you get to dress up as anything you want and PARTY!!! What better way to impress all of your friends on the most fun night of the year than with a cute little number from our new Fun and Flirty Halloween Costume Collection?! With our friends at VELCRO and our team of Creative Chicks, we whipped up some really stylish (and just plain cute) costumes for your next Halloween bash.

Start with the Base Costume pattern, and print out the size for your top (we have all of them as PDF’s to make it super easy).

Top XS

Top S

Top M

Top L

Top XL

Then chose your look ::

Anchors Aweigh

Ahoy Matey

Bootiful Bride

Lady Luck

Ms. America

Midnight Swan

and start creating your own Fun and Flirty costume.Thanks a bunch to the good folks at VELCRO for providing us with some of their fantastic hook and loop fastener products–

Soft and Flexible Sew-On

Sticky Back
Home Decor 

So get stitching….Halloween is right around the corner!! 

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Color Play at DIYStyle Workshop

DIYStyle Workshop logo


Well, it seems we are always undertaking something new here at DIYStyle. Early spring was a flurry of change for us as we moved our digs from one studio space to another (closer to home too). And yes, we moved during some of Missouri’s worst weather in history, and had to tromp thru the snow and ice carrying scads of fabric packed boxes. What we won’t do for our fabric stash and sewing stuff.

Now we are into re-decorating a new, sunny open space with lots of windows. The lovers of color that we are, we sure could not settle even for one minute for the drab white walls the place came with, so we chose some new—super bright hues to liven the place up a bit……no, a LOT!!

Allyce and I debated over so many color choices for the Workshop, and while we definitely loved our palette at our quaint space (I will miss the brick walls for the ambience), we decided to amp it up a few notches for this place. We’re happy with the outcome so far, and it sure draws a lot of attention from passersby, as they catch a glimpse of bright color inside.

And, this new location gave Allyce her own space next to the DIYStyle Workshop, for her new line Allyce King Swim, catering to pageant competitors and resort wear! Yes, she will have her very own studio and design space & salon showroom. I will let her do the honors of posting pics of her paint choices and decor. With her love of glam and sparkle, you can only imagine what she has been up to.

Allyce King Swim

Since I am on the subject of color, and with our numerous trips to the paint store matching colors, I wanted to be sure you had heard about the device that Pantone just unveiled for designers. The Pantone CAPTURE is a super cool gadget ($695 worth) that you can use to snap a shot of any surface, and it will match the color in the Pantone library! Could be indispensable to the designer that is having a time getting the right match to a fabric or trim, especially when ordering from clear across the country. How cool is that? Maybe they will send us one to play with, eh?!

Pantone Capsure

If you are ever in the St. Louis area look us up. Our new address is 7322 Village Center Drive, O’Fallon, MO 63368, We’re in Winghaven at the Boardwalk. We’d love to see you. :)

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