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No time for sleep

Wow, I can’t believe I am already to the end of another semester at Stephens. My junior year has been a LOT of work so far, and I am getting ready to turn in several pieces for my Junior Collection. I’ve been drawing, designing, patternmaking, fitting, and sewing for what seems to be every waking moment. Now I’m at crunch time, and I’m practically chained to my sewing machine–but had to sneak in a quick post! Just trying to do something simple like match the zipper for my jumpsuit design has been a challenge, running from one fabric store to another. When I get a chance to catch my breath, I’ll take some pics of my garments and post them ASAP. Whoever said you live on very little sleep in design school really meant it! But, I know I’m doing all of this because I truly LOVE fashion, and hope that someday *you* will wear something I’ve designed! :)

It’s finally starting to get really chilly here in Missouri, so I’m breaking out the winter clothes and coat. Walking across campus in the cold blowing wind is no fun. My daily hikes to the fashion sewing lab & computer lab seem like longer walks than usual. Even Paddy (my Yorkie) doesn’t want to go outside much now without a push!

Send me lots of PME (Positive Mental Energy) as I get through the final two weeks of school………and then………..only 3 semesters to go!! Keep warm everybody!
xxxxxx, Allyce

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