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DIY Sewing Accessories: Magnetic Wrist Pincushion

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 23

Supplies NEEDED

  • Two coordinating cotton print or solid fabrics (See "Cutting" below, to determine exact dimensions)
  • 2 Magnets measuring about 2" x 1-1/2”, when placed side by side, OR multiple magnets about the same size
  • 2” Velcro
  • Marking pen
  • Pins


  1. Measure your wrist and add 2”. This is the length to cut both fabric strips.
  2. Add 1/2" to width of magnets. This is the width to cut both fabrics strips.
  3. Final size will be approximately 3" x 13".


  1. Pin strips of fabric right sides together and stitch around (1/4” from edges) leaving about 1-1/2” open in the middle of one side, so you can slide the magnets in later. Trim corners.
  2. Turn fabric right sides out, and place magnets into the middle. Mark the width onto the fabric, then remove magnets and set aside. Top stitch two lines to form a pocket for the magnet.
  3. Insert magnet and hand stitch opening closed. (If you have two magnets, it helps to tape them together side by side, to keep them from flipping on top of each other).
  4. Cut both strips of Velcro in half to form 4 total pieces. Pin two strips onto one side close to the end and stitch in place. Repeat for the reverse and opposite end.

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