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Chic Foldover Clutch Purse

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 11


  • 1/2 yard faux suede, leather, or fabric
  • 1/2 yard coordinating cotton print for lining
  • 1/2 yard cotton quilt batting
  • KK-2000 spray adhesive
  • Sulky transfer markers
  • 5 brass rings (from the hardware store)
  • Pins
  • Monofilament thread
  • Conventional sewing thread


  1. Mark and cut a panel from each of the following: suede, cotton print and the quilt batting, measuring 15" x 29".
  2. Spray the back side of the suede and the quilt batting with the spray adhesive. Gently lay the suede on top of the quilt batting and smooth out any wrinkles. Pin the edges.
  3. Stitch the two layers together across the width of the panel, at the center.
  4. Layer the quilted suede panel with the cotton lining, right sides together, pin the edges.
  5. Stitch each end together along the 15" width, through all layers. Turn right side out and press the newly sewn edges.
  6. Fold the panel in half with right side of suede facing itself and the cotton lining facing out. Pin the sides together and stitch each side seam.
  7. To make square corners on the bottom of the bag, fold each bottom corner against itself and sew one inch in from the point of the triangle. Turn the bag suede side out, fold the bag in half and steam press, using a pressing cloth.
  8. Decorate the front of the purse with Sulky transfer markers, according to manufacturer's instructions.
  9. To attach the brass rings, set sewing machine for a wide zigzag and a zero stitch length. Sew the rings to the front of the bag with monofilament thread.

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